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"A Fistful of Pizza," by Jon Konrath

21 07 11 - 18:28

So I'm ploughing through this one in my copious spare time, thinking that it's totally bizarre and I know a website full of people who might dig it.

John "Sodomlord" Konrath is the publisher of Xenocide zine, a death metal zine from back in the day, as well as his own books Summer Rain and Rumored to Exist, not to mention his literary magazine Air in the Paragraph Line.

The new book is small size, about 200 pages, and $8 through mail order.

Expect Burroughs/Saunders/DFW style instant detonation recombination of the esoteric random at high speed, with plenty of social mockery, death worship and sodomy.

An advance copy of "A Fistful of Pizza" showed up in my inbox a week ago, so I loaded it into the Kindle, and haven't been able to put it down since. These are ripping, fast-moving tales that feature a David Foster Wallace or William S. Burroughs style pastiche of esoteric randomness tied together on an invisible thread of logic. Be ready for the unexpected and sometimes terrifying, but all the stories turn out all right; these are at their heart, old school literature that hopes to take you to a place far away and from there, to show you the mundane world in a new light. This is a quick but quirky read for the postmodern bookworm. - Lulu.com

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