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The meek shall inherit -- ideally, cruelty.

20 07 11 - 11:47

Watch what the meek do when they "drive safely" by driving slowly:

Slow drivers are one of the biggest dangers on the road and should be treated like speeders, a report says today.
Nearly a third of motorists have had a 'near miss' caused by someone travelling slowly.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of drivers questioned want an explicit ‘ slow lane’ on roads to combat slow drivers. - Daily Fail

Slow drivers obstruct the road.

They think they are driving slowly, therefore are safer; this would make sense only if they were the only cars on the road.

Instead, they fail to see that traffic is like a flow of water, and they are obstacles forcing others to go around them.

Like all things meek, they destroy by letting their personal fears get in the way of a larger process.

Clearly their souls need mortification through cruelty, and then release.

eleven comments

If traffic really was like flowing water, then cars would be going at a bazillion miles when squeezing through narrow tunnels. Hah! You suck! Levy_Spearmen - 20-07-’11 12:07
Disregard that, I polish spears. Levy_Spearmen - 20-07-’11 13:00
Datri Devi
Can anybody at this site tell me how the fuck Aurora Borealis gets praised when and a band like Crystal Age is not? I mean yeah its got two members that later formed Hammerfall but, the music on par with anything Aurora did only Crystal Age beated them to the punch at least by 3 years!

Crystal Age - Far Beyond Divine Horizons 1995
http://www.mediafire.com/?mrmnnjg4ha4 Datri Devi - 20-07-’11 13:22
Everyone can see what's going on. Slow drivers is some sort of code for people who you consider unfit or not very smart.

So the conclusion we should draw is that those who are not living up to these high standards, no doubt including a bunch of people of other "races" which has been debunked as right wing myth, are to be subject to brutalizing.

Now we better understand why hate crime and affirmative action protections are needed. It is because the heartless have not been stamped out from among us.

This is also more evidence that funding for a good education is dangerously lacking. If it weren't, your country would have by now adopted many more protections for those who are stuck living in a vulnerable state of life which is also thanks to widespread social ignorance. Dave - 20-07-’11 16:54
Jim Necroslaughter
I've been saying this about slow drivers for years! Jim Necroslaughter - 20-07-’11 17:29
FYI my wife convinced me to get a vasectomy recently. I am like 75%-ish sure she's not banging more masculine men behind my back. I'm a bit concerned that she just got pregnant a week ago, but she told me the operation must not have been performed correctly.

I'm sort of sad we might be having a child though. I've been very careful to only adopt black and chinese children. All my coworkers are very proud of me.

I will be laughing at you all from heaven, you evil evil people. Dave - 20-07-’11 19:30
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god loves you
Dave, it's not hip to adopt Asian and black kids anymore. If you want to keep up with the times, you should adopt mentally challenged and Mexican (preferably illegal) kids. god loves you - 21-07-’11 01:50
great guy
Slow drivers.. They are an easy example because they are easy to spot. There are also inconsiderate drivers.

Here's a solution(that I did not invent or make up but can visualize).

Automated traffic systems...

Having almost no vehicles that are driven by any human being excpet maybe for fun on designated courses or in games of vehicular combat.

Cars that talk to eachother and to the road and ensure safety and efficiency. These Cars could drive in packs and most likely at very high speeds, drive inches from eachother and there would be much fewer accidents... and almost no accumulated traffic caused by slow human reaction time or accident gawkers.

....................... great guy - 21-07-’11 07:27
great guy lol
Maybe if Germany won WWII, but modern society can barely manage to maintain the really basic pavement roads they have now. The level of complexity you're imagining would be utterly impossible in modern day America. great guy lol - 21-07-’11 07:53
brock samson
Whatever. I do like the whole "vehicular combat" idea though. brock samson - 21-07-’11 09:38

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