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War and Peace

15 07 10 - 10:55

Every society has values, including taboos. If you love kids, pedophiles are going to be taboo, unless you can prove that pedophilia improves kids.

When it comes time to unite an equal mass in politics, you motivate them with dogma, or very simple symbols about what's good and bad. Some people will tell you that one symbol leads to "peace" (a condition that does not exist in nature) and another leads to "war" (as if one could have a predilection for constant warfare to solve all problems).

Let's review America's recent wars:

  • The American Revolution: They are elitists who hate our freedom, so they're bigoted against us.

  • The Civil War: They are States' Righters who want to be able to escape our control because they think they're above us, and they're racists.

  • World War I: The European old regime are elitists who do not accept absolute democracy, so they're bigoted against the common man.

  • World War II: Hitler is a racist and bigot who doesn't accept that many people want Bolshevism, and this interferes with our use of democracy to pacify Europe.

  • Bosnia: The Serbs are racist against Bosnians.

  • Iraq: Saddam Hussein is racist against Kurds and gasses them.

Possible future wars:

  • Iran: The Iranians are anti-Semites

  • Israel: The Israelis are elitists and racists against Palestinians.

There is no peace symbol. There are only symbols that can manipulate you and even if they seem peaceful, they may be a gateway to unending war that is also counterproductive.

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