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Death to the hipsters. Death in the wood chipper.

18 07 11 - 16:02

Known chimpanzee Grace Bonney, who's making a ton of money off bored housewives and degenerate design students with her vapid blog Design*Sponge (the thing in the middle is a sphincter), has finally gotten called out on her circle-jerking in-group self-promoting mutual self-esteem masturbation society:

Of late, it seems to me that most of the spaces featured are similar: white-ish rooms, an eames chair or two, random art patterned specifically on the wall.

I want to see varied houses from regular people, with regular connections and budgets that aren’t necessarily in design or art fields of one another, but that just have wonderful, unusual, or even ridiculously wacky taste. IT people, or secretaries that don’t make prints to sell on etsy in their spare time.

Don’t get me wrong, this space is attractive, but I feel like I just saw it. I love you, Design Sponge, but you know what they say about familiarity… - "SNEAK PEEK: SHAYNA KULIK + JUSTIN KALIFOWITZ"

You figured out that it's a circle jerk.

These "designers" are not important. Except that they say they are. Which means they are not.

Their "creativity" comes from doing the unusual, e.g. illogical and frankly, ugly and tasteless.

But they have managed to fool the credulous idiots out there for whom first impressions are last impressions.

Yet if you look deeply, you see the emptiness and the rage bellowing from hollow souls.

"We must be important!"

This reveals the grim truth: a hipster is a very ordinary person who thinks that in order to rise socially, they must disguise that ordinariness.

With what? Surface appearances.

How? The "unusual" and "different" and "ironic," e.g. the ugly, twisted, dysfunctional and perverse.

To what end? To have a little circle-jerk going where they all praise each other's vapid crap, and hope that they fool enough consumers into buying this junk. Enough consumers to have heroin money and a little something to show Mom and Dad (who made their cash in air filters for trucks) next time the allowance runs short.

six comments

Wal-Mart Shopper
Kind of like ANUS staff in that they write totally unique, different and ironic articles that nobody takes seriously in order to feel good about their own vapid meaningless lives. Wal-Mart Shopper - 18-07-’11 18:10
it's ok to work out your psychological issues on the internet
Thank you so much. I've been waiting with bated breath for your third blog post on this person who is "not important." it's ok to work out your psychological issues on the internet - 18-07-’11 18:44
^How are you different from the poster then lol.

It seems like people feed off off hating the poster of these articles. Like they want to rid their senses of harshness because it could be the truth. bird - 19-07-’11 17:13
are you really that far up your own ass?
Yeah, when Conservationist revealed the truth about Grace Bonney to me, it was like a knife went straight through my heart. I don't know if I can ever really believe in anything again. are you really that far up your own ass? - 19-07-’11 22:50
The point of articles that criticize individuals is to explain psychological defects found in the crowd. Fears that a person could be a member of the crowd provokes that person to have aggressive, knee jerk reactions. bird - 20-07-’11 05:14
I'm not hating but there are flaws...
Why do we need articles on a designer that bored house wives worship? Plus, we have enough articles on the disease, how about the cure? And lastly, how are these ideas ever going to be accepted by the public peacefully, on your other articles your really critical of violent revolution. Yet how will these ideas ever be accepted by the public when you say 99% of them are subhuman and they should be exterminated. Doesn't having them accepted peacefully mean some sort of democratic process in itself? IQ is also not the end all be all of measuring a person's worth we have Marxists with 160 IQs out there, democrats with 130 IQs, Christians with high IQs, etc. Yet keeping them around is a bad idea according to A.N.U.S. while paradoxically they have high IQs and should be kept around. Just because their smart doesn't mean they'll convert to your movement in a snap or something. In another post you criticize eugenics, but yet to eliminate all low IQ people is to imply some sort of eugenics. All the ultra-capitalist, consumerist CEOs out there which you criticize have high IQs too. If you want the whole System to be destroyed, then actions such as selling drugs shouldn't be frowned upon presently since they weaken the System. I'm not hating but there are flaws... - 21-07-’11 07:34

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