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Baby Boomer 9-11

18 07 11 - 11:29

Baby Boomers are so fucking odious that many people will destroy themselves just to also destroy a Boomer:

A Swiss man has died after piloting a rented plane into the home of his estranged mother.
Minutes before the attack, he phoned her from the cockpit to say: 'Are you home? I am just going to drop by!'

Then Konrad Schmidt, 47, banked the twin-engined aircraft over his mother's home and flew past it three times before flying at top speed into the house in Oberhallau.

Schmidt's body was later found in the rubble of the house. His mother Rosemary, 68, only survived because she was in the basement at the time of the suicide attack, and is being treated for shock. - Daily Fail

Sadly, the Baby Boomer survived because in true Baby Boomer fashion, she was pursuing irrelevant self-expression in the basement at the time.

four comments

josef H
wouldnt it have been soooooo much easier to bring her a cake containing rat poison? or sthg less extravagant like trapping her in a car with 130 decibels of cannibal corpse on repeat? josef H (Email ) (URL) - 18-07-’11 13:41
What's my point? Well, what's yours?
68 = not baby boomer, if that term even applies to Switzerland. What's my point? Well, what's yours? (Email ) - 18-07-’11 14:57
Where is the peer review for this authoritarian opinion? Correlation is not causation. Dave - 18-07-’11 17:35
Dave luver
I LUV dave. Dave luver - 19-07-’11 16:15

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