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Rural versus urban values

18 07 11 - 10:52

Our moron-media likes to talk up the tough life on the streets, etc. and other tired cliches for morons. But that's the product: make images morons find comforting.

Since most morons live in the city, or live in the suburbs and want some reason to feel that their ueber-comfortable lives are terrible and thus they are victims, talking up the hard life of the streets (,cat/yo) is popular.

Yet in reality, the country is a more difficult place. You're not anonymous; you have to find a way to work it out with your neighbors. Nature can actually kill you, unlike the city which is a process of socialization.

And, of course, you have to make hard decisions to stay away from the epicenters of drama and instead, make a nice normal life:

They live just 300 miles apart and both earn £50,000 – the income most Britons think spells affluence. But while one family enjoys enviable luxury, the other’s struggling to make ends meet. Here the Mail investigates a tale of two nations.

The Sewell family are getting used to making sacrifices. The soaring cost of fuel meant they thought twice about putting the heating on last winter.

They have had to resign their gym membership because they can no longer afford the subscription and last year, for the first time, they went without their traditional family holiday abroad so they could buy a new living room carpet instead.

Meanwhile, 300 miles north, the Salloway family are fortunate enough to be living in rather more affluent circumstances. In fact, in the words of post-war Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, they’ve never had it so good. - The Daily Fail

I am told that on Brokeback Island (UK) the North-South divide is reversed from the USA, where the South is rural and the North is an industrial wasteland (with lots of nightclubs).

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