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Idiocracy, predicted

18 07 11 - 06:55

Ancient wisdom:

I know that many of my contemporaries are not the least embarassed by this difficulty. They claim that as the citizens become weaker and more helpless, the government must become proportionately more skillful and active, so that society should do what is no longer possible for individuals. They think that answers the whole problem, but I think they are mistaken.

It is easy to see the time coming in which men will be less and less able to produce, by each alone, the commonest bare necessities of life. The tasks of government must therefore perpetually increase, and its efforts to cope with them must spread its net ever wider. The more government takes the place of associations, the more will individuals lose the idea of forming associations and need the government to come to their help. That is a vicious circle of cause and effect. Must the public administration cope with every industrial undertaking beyond the competence of one individual citizen?

The morals and intelligence of a democratic people would be in as much danger as its commerce and industry if ever a government wholly usurped the place of private associations. Feelings and ideas are renewed, the heart enlarged, and the understanding developed only by the reciprocal action of men one upon another.
- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America II, p 515

Democracy makes people into domesticated children. They lose the sense of I PRODUCE and replace it with I WANT, with a subset of justification by moral process.

The result is many fetuses screaming demands while a society collapses from within.

Democracy is failure. All hail aristocracy! All hail eugenics! All hail meritocracy! and sodomy

two comments

sick of white people
i wan t to kci some stupid people ass geth igh get money get pusy thats lal that matters in life .. keeping it fuking real sick of white people - 18-07-’11 09:55
I'm glad to see ANUS is inspired by Tocqueville. TD - 18-07-’11 21:37

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