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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

He makes a good point

17 07 11 - 19:59

Culture are the values we expect and expect to be rewarded for upholding.

It's like a shared agreement on what's important.

It recognizes that to most random people, nothing is important. They are miserable, lost without context, and they lash out at any happiness or any standard, which brings happiness by giving people context. They keep up the illusion that they are happiest with no rules, yet they all seem to be miserable deep within.

"Culture is your operating system" is a good way of describing how it functions. It's what lets you interact with the machine of reality without re-inventing the wheel constantly, and being in constant debate that is never resolved except in the lowest common denominator compromise.

two comments

He makes some good points. As an individual, he seems interesting. As groupthink, he seems to just come off as an enabler for hippies who don't think and just want a justification to get high all the time. Doubt - 18-07-’11 09:53
More ANUS Hypocrisy
But ANUS, this guy does DRUGS! LOTS of them! And he's a total LEFTIST hipster who doesn't solve any problems! Why don't you tear apart what he has to say? More ANUS Hypocrisy - 18-07-’11 18:23

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