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Darwinism needs Idealism

17 07 11 - 14:37

From everyone's favorite group blog:

Quantum Darwinism is a theory explaining the emergence of the classical world from the quantum world as due to a process of Darwinian natural selection; where the many possible quantum states are selected against in favor of a stable pointer state. - Wikipedia

Essentially, any interaction exists in multiple states of possibility until finalized through the relative interaction between its parts.

That means that the cat in the box is both alive and dead until the box is opened; the opening of the box, and interaction with air and other elements of the environment, determines the life of the cat. The observer is part of this but not necessarily the decisive part.

Much like ideas in our mind, which form in a sheaf from which we pick the most plausible as balanced against all the other factors of decision, life continually works by the Darwin principle: create possibilities to fill all variations, then compare them and find the key that matches.

I'm not sure how this relates to sodomy; the penis inside the ass is both alive and dead until removed.

five comments

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so u admit hilosphyis for losers hahaha go back to facebok and complain about how girls cnat handle ur griminess sick of white people - 18-07-’11 09:31
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