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Why people are nuts

17 07 11 - 05:24

From an insightful Slashdot post:

I imagine it's pretty easy to become depressed in our society.

  • Consumerism people judge themselves by products (Apple, car brands, discount retailers), they depend on corporate products to do what they could otherwise do, they are powerless to the system, they buy cake mixtures or microwave teleivsion dinners.

  • Devoid of meaning I'd hazard that most people feel that their life is meaningless which brings me to my next point.

  • Life = job People (by necessity) live life a job, not a life. office workers and labourers.

  • Unchecked capitalism Capitalism doesn't feel soft and fuzzy. You feel powerless. Advertising is harmful.

People who live a job rather than a life do things that advertising and media tell them to do or what other people in their situation do to escape. They turn to alcohol, nightclubs, meaningless sex, gambling, smoking or anything that is meaningless or self destructive.

I imagine that these factors, plus the fact that everyone seems to be a big asshole these days contribute to people turning to drugs. Ultimately, people feel disconnected from other people, they are ostracized and bullied. Drugs don't solve problems. You do.

I feel powerless because of the following:

  • My Privacy invaded day by day

  • My Government and the US government is massively corrupt, doesn't tax companies

  • The unjust succeed while the moral wither

  • Everyone thinks they are right so nothing gets done

As Adam Smith said, agriculture is the root of all progress. Our society is unsustainable and growth seems to be on top of artificial markets. For example, digital markets like the domain market. Or on advertising. - improfane @ slashdot

Straight out of The Republic, yo...

two comments

You're just jealous of my ability to narcissistically manipulate and use you for profit. ANGRY BLACK MAN - 17-07-’11 12:49
Old-Money's Best Money
"Drugs don't solve problems. You do."

But drugs make the problems go away! Or what if you're one of the top 2% with all the money? Then there are no problems! Do all the drugs that you want! Go back to work, peasant. I'm gonna get trashed! Old-Money's Best Money - 18-07-’11 18:16

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