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Nationalism rising

16 07 11 - 15:15

From an informed source:

Because American national identity tends to emphasize the civic dimension (based on supposedly universal principles such as individual liberty) and tends to downplay the historic and cultural elements (though they clearly exist) U.S. leaders routinely underestimate the power of local affinities and the strength of cultural, tribal, or territorial loyalties. During the Cold War, we persistently exaggerated the strength of transnational ideologies like Communism, and underestimated the degree to which national identities and interests would eventually generate intense conflicts within the Marxist world. - Foreign Policy

Nationalism is a powerful force because unlike politics, it relates to who you are and what real-world values you have, not some airy preference for whatever political-economic system you have to keep the proles in line.

twelve comments

An other comment spewed out the ANUS of an ignorant who has a feeble grasp on his own misunderstanding of the history of Mother Russia and has most likely never set foot outside of Hicksville TX we - 16-07-’11 19:06
Unless you happen to agree with it.
Nationalism relates to who you're supposed to be, based on who your parents were, not who you are, and certainly not what real-world values you have. Unless you happen to agree with it. (Email ) - 16-07-’11 20:52
Matt Raymer
hey this websit is racist and moronic. this isnt the middle ages douchebags i agree with daschuel@comcast.net we are all equal im ur no better than me. i can do all the things u can do. the uper class can suck my big cock they are just greedy losers. elitism is for fags who cant get dick. Matt Raymer - 16-07-’11 22:52
Start learning Chinese
We've lost this round, there is no reversing the Kali Yuga. You can hopefully ride it out if possible or speed it up to get it over with, that's it. There's no way to save the white race and preserve European culture.

Tell most white people today the white race is in danger, or that we shouldn't race mix and they'll spit "racist" back at you, tell you how good it is that whites are finally dying out because their "evil" because of slavery, etc. or will just flat out laugh at you in disbelief.

But, Amerika and Europe are heading to the Third World because of the scourge of race mixing. Most European countries' open door policy on immigration is leading to whites going extinct in their own homelands. Amerika is heading towards the open door policy, and is already on a steady decline to the sordid state of Africa. So eventually, given low birth rates and increased racial mixing in all white countries we have to die out within a 100 years.

Financially, Asia is on the up rise most people who will be in control of the big businesses and such will be Asian. The most powerful countries in the world will probably be India and China. While Amerika and Europe goes the way of Brazil and Argentina.

My advice to those who want to succeed in the future is to start learning Hindi and Chinese. Within a few generations there will not be any whites left and the East will be dominating.

I can hear the cheers from the crowd already who hate their own culture and race... Start learning Chinese - 17-07-’11 07:51
Start learning Chinese
Well I should add not only is race mixing to blame but Marxism which is the most widespread form of government now. Start learning Chinese - 17-07-’11 07:54
Can't wait. Third world = fun. ANGRY BLACK MAN - 17-07-’11 12:53
multicultural fan #1!!!!
I love the third world and I love TACOS!!!!! multicultural fan #1!!!! - 17-07-’11 17:11
There is a difference between extinction and lowered birth rates...just like there is a difference between lowered birth rates and breeding like cockroaches...just remember what nature does to species that overpopulate. Yes, it is indeed the Kali Yuga, but if we leave this shithole earth to be inherited by the third world then I don't really see anything for me to really worry about. They'll get what they want and so will I. See you...out there... Graveland - 17-07-’11 22:22
Carpathian Wolves is a Good Album
I agree with you, but the Earth is too beautiful to let it be ruined by imbeciles. And we can still sort out our own Earth-bound affairs while establishing a Galactic Imperium. Carpathian Wolves is a Good Album - 18-07-’11 14:54
"Well I should add not only is race mixing to blame but Marxism which is the most widespread form of government now."

You mean Jews. Why not just say so? Batesian mimicry won't advance our EGI, friend. uh (Email ) - 19-07-’11 10:12
fuck niggers!

i hate u stupid american pigs! vasia - 03-12-’11 07:21
hallo from Rusland! vasia - 03-12-’11 07:22

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