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True green

12 07 10 - 12:22

There's a lot of fake green out there. People want to think that by buying "green" energy, they've fixed the problem and can go back to living for themselves with an ethic of convenience.

Real green means altering your lifestyle and political outlook to ensure that nature has "rights" on par with those of humans. That's both personal, and political.


  • Buy whole foods only. By this I mean raw vegetables, meats and grains. Do not buy pre-processed food. Avoid all fast food. This eliminates over 2/3 of the waste you will generate.

  • Buy only quality products. It's $100 for the blender that lasts ten years, and $20 for the blender that lasts two. Which do you buy? Same cost, but one way produces a lot more landfill.

  • Buy real offsets. Forget carbon tokens; buy five acres of land in the country and let it fill with tasty forest. This will offset most of the carbon you create and preserve natural creatures.

  • Buy smaller cars. You don't need the SUV or full-size Mercedes. Get the Toyota and keep it for twenty years. Avoid the hybrids and electric cars until they're more reliable; you'll end up throwing them out in eight years and they are actually more of an environmental holocaust, thanks to their batteries which are hell to recycle.

  • Reduce your electronics footprint. Instead of getting that $400 Dell every three years, buy a machine that will last you for six to eight. That means you spend an extra $350 to have a more powerful machine and in the last three years of its life, it runs slowly. Oh well. Buy a quality stereo. Don't buy much else. You don't need a breadmaker, iPod, smart phone, or hemorrhoid massager.

  • Avoid unfiltered engines. Generators, law mowers, leafers, blowers, trimmers that are gasoline powered all generate raw exhaust. Go electric or avoid, or even better, get a push mower. It doesn't work as well but do you really care how perfect your lawn looks?

  • Recycle in the product stream. If you have something you don't want, and it's still working, pass it on to your local thrift shop. They have retards and ex-cons who will sort it and re-sell it. Also, shop at thrift stores and get anything non-vital there. You can save money and prevent the cost of new things being made.


  • Downsize government and de-regulate. Regulation and government both produce mountains of paper and employ tons of dumb and useless people. Throw out these regulations, throw out the bureaucracy, and make business and government leaner. They'll use less paper, gasoline, etc. and those people will have to find something useful to do instead.

  • Destroy public education. Most people in public schools are there for babysitting. They lack the IQ to perform any kind of educational task, and they don't want to be there. They want to be on MTV, and will end up working in food service anyway. Cut 'em free and stop the boondoggle that is education. It has failed us.

  • High tariffs and end foreign aid. Foreign aid builds more industry in areas where it isn't. We want to stop that so we'll cut pollution. In addition, it will reduce the population. Do not give to aid agencies; let people die in disasters, or starve if their nations are incompetent. Put up a wall of tariffs to stop people shipping products overseas. Build locally, buy locally.

  • Oppose immigration. Every person you let in to this country is going to want to live the full-on American lifestyle, which is environmentally costly. Stop letting them in. The result will be a lower footprint for the country, instead of an ever-expanding one.

  • Favored nation status. Any nation that does not have a sensible environmental policy should be ignored politically and we should block their businesses from working with us. Let them starve until they get it right.

  • Ban the welfare state. We subsidize people for being incompetent, and then wonder why we have too many people. Stop the handouts; let nature fix the problem. There are too many idiots already.

Most people won't do even one of these things. They'd rather keep living exactly as they are now, except that when it's time for a new product, they buy the one that says it's green -- a dubious assertion -- and pay the extra $5 in guilt tax. And the problem continues unabated.

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