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Kill the Baby Boomers, part MCMXXXLVII

16 07 11 - 07:02

Germany may have won WWII.

America, the UK and the former Soviet Union are in tatters -- from within.

The victors of 1945 raised up their proles to middle-class status through a giant crack pipeline of war-borne wealth.

This in turn made them resentful. The women resented not working; they used to have wartime jobs, more money and no family responsibilities. The men became drugged on moral superiority and went on a jihad to liberate everyone from anything that looked like a Hitler. They spread moral snobbishness like a plague.

Their kids rebelled against this by trying to destroy all of the old world. They turned this moral snobbishness into crusades for the third world and those formerly considered deviants; they unleashed sexual and hedonic appetites to destroy the notion of family. The hippies then wrecked the legal system and opened the floodgates to import not only people from all over the world, but to eliminate any checks/balances on the quality of individuals both domestic and immigrant. It was no longer acceptable to shut out a trailer-dwelling moron or to not accept an immigrant from a war-torn country.

At that point, they had pretty much lit the fuse, and counted on dying before the bang. This is why we hate Baby Boomers: they're destructive brats.

Now they're lamenting our refusal to follow them to doom:

Famously, Jong (in the guise of her heroine, Isadora Wing) invented the idea of ‘the zipless f***’. This meant instant, irresponsible, no-guilt sex, when ‘zippers fell away like rose petals’ and ‘you never get to know the man very well’.

Yet now, this pioneer of the sexual revolution is doing the unthinkable — and has declared that ‘sex is passé’.

Writing in the New York Times, she muses on the fact that younger women — including her daughter — are not so obsessed with sex as her own generation (also mine) was, back in the years of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.

Jong says she is ‘fascinated to see, among young women, a nostalgia for Fifties era attitudes towards sex’. She argues that older women are ‘raunchier’, but younger ones are ‘obsessed with motherhood and monogamy’.

While some people have jumped to the conclusion that Erica Jong has finally seen the error of her wild ways and started to question the ‘anything goes’ attitude of her youth, sadly this is not the case.

Jong laments the fact that her daughter’s generation seems to have rebelled against this obsession with sex, and she is bewildered to observe that while her generation ‘idealised open marriage’ their daughters ‘are back to idealising monogamy’. - Daily Mail

Still trying to destroy everything, the Baby Boomers took it out on their children.

First, you are deprived of responsible parent-figures. Instead, you get to hear about their wild partying and loose sex. This makes you think your own existence is just a random error or choice of convenience.

Next, they sabotage you emotionally and psychologically with extensive dogma for their own screwed-up points of view. How many generation Xers found that, unlike their parents, they had 60s-70s rock 'n' roll pushed on them by their parents? Or were encouraged to be liberal?

Finally, they extend their drama to you. "We suffer daily so you don't have to." Guess what: that means you get to do the same. They whine endlessly about society, make negative predictions, talk about how we're all doomed, and then look at you as if to check and see if they've pissed you off. After all, you're the one who's going to see these collapses, not they.

It's time to take them all out to the open ocean, put them in wire cages and drop those in the water. At 200 feet down they'll figure it out and do an interpretive dance, then pause forever in silence.

four comments

I love old stupid hippie fucks. Just because I'm black they treat me like i'm a fucking idol and tiptoe around me and laugh at my fucking jokes. Then I fucking take them for a ride, borrow, fuck their daughters, and steal their shit. Stupid arrogant fucking pricks. ANGRY BLACK MAN - 16-07-’11 13:46
Angry Baby Boomer
Sorry, Mr. Nihl, but Erica Jong is NOT a Baby Boomer. She's 70 years old. It was that generation (those born 1930-1945 or so, the "Beat" generation) who experimented on Baby Boomers in school, who led the anti-war protests, who "invented" rock 'n' roll, played with drugs, and espoused free sex. We were children during the 50s when all this was going on, but these were the people who were writing, making movies, creating TV shows, and teaching us. They came out of an era of social engineering of the 30s. But this kind of experimentation needed a)a large group of people; b)unrestricted access to developing minds; c)a period of relative prosperity when little things like World Wars didn't get in the way. Voila: the Baby Boomers. Who, by the way, didn't give birth to themselves. They didn't decide that they should be a large, hence powerful generation. Angry Baby Boomer (Email ) - 31-07-’12 10:10
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