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The way to willpower

11 07 11 - 06:38

There are many things to like about libertarianism. Like most other methodological criticisms, it's not a solution in itself -- by itself it would be a disaster.

But as a spirit that informs other attributes of a political view, it makes sense. Its founding principle is self-reliance; its grand method is letting markets and individuals take over from bureaucracies.

True, as Plato noted, it's mainly a rebellion of the capable against the ongoing revolution by the incapable...

But sometimes good things come of it. One is Henry Hazlitt's The Way to Will Power. This 1922 book is like many from the era, a proto-self-help and proto-religious text about how to organize your mind to be effective.

These were popular as a way to learn success strategies back in the 1900s-1920s. After that, they got replaced by How to Sell Ice To the Eskimos and other not-so-inspiring stuff.

Courtesy of the Ludwig von Mises institute.

two comments

On the brain. Italics - 11-07-’11 13:19
Both are to extreme for me.
I still don't see why people who endorse the views on this site would find any common ground whatsoever with libertarianism.

Libertarianism espouses the view that the individual is the ultimate end, and that societies and laws exist solely to protect the rights and earned privledges of the individual, while I understand this site to endorse just the opposite, and indeed the view has been expressed that rights in general are a fiction. Both are to extreme for me. (Email ) - 12-07-’11 08:05

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