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Death to all hippies

07 07 11 - 15:27

Morons tell you that the spiritual secret to life is love, etc.

They make it sound so easy.

Idiots, here is the challenge:

Nature is phenomenally evil. Bloody, painful, brutal, cruel and violent.

How do you reconcile the good in the universe with the bad?

You can be like a moron hippie and pretend that the bad isn't bad. They don't want to hurt you -- they're just misunderstood. Shoot John Lennon again, please.

You can be like a fatalist and pretend the good isn't good. It's all just heading toward the end. < shrug >

Or you can realize that what makes life amazing is that it balances these two and makes good out of them.

You cannot have something without nothing.

You cannot have life without death.

You cannot have good without bad.

This is the essence of relativity (not relativism, which is dogma for hippies): things only become distinct when they have opposites. Light/dark, hot/cold, metal/metalcore.

Hippies and other assorted mental cases deny this and so miss out on the true meaning of spirituality, which is literally that only the pattern remains.

Especially after you feed those hippies to the snapping turtles.

seven comments

Boss Nast
Video times well to Cryptopsy's "Defenestration" Boss Nast - 08-07-’11 12:45
i wouldn't say that light and dark are inherent opposites like predator is opposite to prey; darkness is merely the absence of light. same holds for hot/cold, good/bad, life/death. giez - 09-07-’11 03:17
life is not the opposite of death; I would argue it is the process that overcomes entropy in a universe that is in principal hospitable to that end.

Then death is just the absence of life; in fact it is more like a spectrum, from interacting atoms to interacting molecules to interacting organisms and to whatever comes next. What you are right about is that entropy is countered / life is promoted best through struggle, which is optimal when predator and prey are in harmony. If the balance shifts either way you get the christian/hippie slave morality that Nietzsche warned us about or pointless destruction. Both would mean a step back in the development towards a more conscious universe... giez - 09-07-’11 03:35
It would seem that to cathegorize nature in terms if "evil" and "good" is not a good description of the state of affairs. Negative nihilism states that value judgements do not reflect properties of systems, the same can be said about the good/evil distinction (in case you don't think that is a value judgement). The turtle and its actions are not "evil", in the sense that this is not a property of the turtle or of its actions. To say that the turtle is evil reflects an emotional stance or content of the speaker, not something describing a property. From this, it follows that we should not say that nature is good/evil if we want to do anything more than to express our feelings.

I agree with giez that death is nothing more than the absence of life, where the life of an individual can be described as a temporary emergent form of matter, in which the laws of physics are not violated (to state the obvious). Life is also a historical phenomenon, and to some extend we can consciously direct the direction of it by creating suitable conditions for a particular form of life to evolve in. The need for strugle can be interpreted in the individual as a strugle for self-overcoming (Nietzsche again), the example at hand being the destruction of an "old self" in every aquirement of knowledge.

The sense in which we may dream of a "more conscious universe" is in the fact that we can change our own lives, and life in general, not just unconsciously but also through conscious reflection of the goals and means we deem worthy. Simon (Email ) - 09-07-’11 06:37
"death is nothing more than the absence of life"-Simon

In the minds of many people, life is the absence of death. Life consists of avoiding death for a good evolutionary reason.

"It would seem that to cathegorize nature in terms if “evil” and “good” is not a good description of the state of affairs. Negative nihilism states that value judgements do not reflect properties of systems..."-Simon

This is true. I think often the writer phrases things in the terms of the unconvinced audience. While he may not believe in evil, most people do.
Instead of saying "Nature is phenomenally evil" he should have said something like "Nature possesses all/many qualities that hippies/moderns would consider evil".

The way these quick articles are written leads to alot of misunderstanding and fodder for passerby critics. Not good. AnHero - 10-07-’11 09:28
Adrian McCoy
I can't belive those little fuckers twitch after being bitten in two...

NOW THATS PAINFUL!!!! Adrian McCoy - 11-07-’11 12:33
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