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The Cull Chain

06 07 11 - 06:45

7 billion humans.

Next stop, nine billion -- and after that, twelve. After that, 20 billion humans.

Even if we cram every one into a 650 sq ft apt, the resources they are going to need will be massive.

Food. Water. Roads. Hospitals. Schools. Malls. Workplaces. Factories. Sewage. Religion.

The concept of a planet covered in plastic, concrete and steel, where "animals" and "plants" are museum pieces, fast approaches. When we have total technological domination, there are no "bad areas." We just cover it all.

If we love life, we should be ready to cull.

As opposed to genocide, or eugenics, or even murder, culling is a process of saving people: identify the ones who should live. Assume everyone is dead, because we have taken a path of doom; however, pick the ones we should save, and either (a) focus on keeping them safe or (b) kill everyone else, guaranteeing the safety of the ones who should live.

My suggestion is simple -- we set up a merit/demerit system:


College education +1
IQ over 119 +2
IQ over 129 +3
Started own business +1
Military service +1


Violent crime -3
IQ under 109 -1
Drug addiction -1
Drives SUV -1
Promiscuity -1

Add them all up: if over zero, keep.

Surely however there are more factors we should consider. Graduate education? Costco membership? Likes disco?

seventeen comments

Have fun!
If you're going with option b), then you'll have to subtract a lot of points for "disagrees with this plan", because otherwise a lot of those ex-military will protect those you're trying to kill. Have fun! (Email ) - 06-07-’11 07:15
Amer I Can
Hey buddy, some of us drive giant SUVs just so we can burn fuel faster (bring on the end). When the masses start rioting, you'll want a 4X4 and off-road bars attached to the front for plowing needs and self-defense too. Amer I Can - 06-07-’11 07:25
AIDS fag
Who says promiscuity is a bad thing (I've got AIDS)! AIDS fag - 06-07-’11 08:27
Fascist unequal elitist nonsense. Dave - 06-07-’11 08:59
a really great guy
Oh this is exciting! a really great guy (Email ) - 06-07-’11 09:24
Yay Me!!!
I guess I would add up to +3.

College Education
IQ over 119
Military Service Yay Me!!! - 06-07-’11 10:40
Can we give -3 for being fat? Levy_Spearmen - 06-07-’11 11:56
A lot of military types drive SUVs and think overpopulation is a myth, so good luck. Enjoy. (Email ) - 06-07-’11 12:38
a really great guy
A lot of military types are also homeless drug addicts who suck dick for craxor.

Juss sayin... a really great guy - 06-07-’11 14:42
super great guy
Dude...Dave...you're a fucking buzzkill... I'm gittin stoked here and you are all like...yeah... why don't you make a counterlist... a creative redirection. Like... making your own list with your own implications... instead of doing that nastiness that sort of cancels you out of the equation.. super great guy - 06-07-’11 14:48
Does buttfucking your wife count as promiscuity? Question - 06-07-’11 14:57
Really Evil Person
Doesn't every man fantasize about going Berserkr on idiots?

Good thing we get enough estrogen in our food and water to calm those evil instincts. Really Evil Person - 06-07-’11 16:44
It'd be great to go to one of those fucking 4chan cons with all the dumbasses wearing V for Vendetta masks and to shoot up the place with an AK and a couple of mags. So many asshole retards would be dead, I may just cum(LOL). I wonder if the cops would just shoot me even if I threw the gun down long before they came and stood with my hands straight in the air. I'd have to kill any security fatties as I'm sure they just start shooting even if I surrendered. I'd like to have a fair trial(LOL). Levy_Spearmen - 06-07-’11 22:18
Buttfucking your wife is in no way promiscuous, though your dick will be shit stained. Levy_Spearmen - 06-07-’11 22:20
idk LOL
This merit system devised won't work out. Not that I'm against getting rid of the massive amounts of people we have. Here's why:

College education
What about all the art majors and being doing silly degrees like Queer Studies? Degrees such as business cater to the most lazy, with every failed science or engineering major becoming one.

IQ over X
These people are smart and 90% of them will use their intelligence to defend the status quo. A lot of them put their brains into promoting egalitarianism, Marxism, harvesting oil and gas, useless technology like the iPod, etc. There is no judge of character, and while they have the resources to understand such things as overpopulation and better society most of them don't really use it. I know a lot of people with IQs over 120, they would never go along with your ideas or promoting eugenics. In the history of scientists, after WWII, only a handful promoted things like eugenics and most of them when threatened to be fired backed down like cowards. Not to mention if the proles have a good aristocratic example to follow, like in times past, then they can be kept under control. Since over half of all people have IQs under 100, you can get rid of 60% or so right there. The average IQ people will eventually just follow the leader like they always do, and if it's a good aristocratic leader where can they go wrong?

Started own business
What about all the government handouts to minorities to start businesses? Most of them start a business just for the money, and it's usually a stupid one like arts and crafts, and then it usually goes under. I don't want those sorts around.

Military service
Again like some has said they'd fight to the death to defend the status quo. They will most likely not be on your side. You'll get swallowed by the same dragon you're praising.

Violent crime
Such as? Some laws categorize violent crime as incitement, verbal assault(telling someone to shut the fuck up, e.g.), defending yourself, and so forth. Varg went to jail for a violent crime, when he was right to kill someone before they killed him. Yet he'd be demerited here. Don't you need to be violent to achieve these goals in the first place? And you'll definitely need a violent revolution, this will not ever happen through any peaceful process.

Nowhere is personal character really factored in, honor was what our ancestors lived their lives by. A cowardly, dishonorable person is worse than anyone with below average IQ. idk LOL - 07-07-’11 07:15
a really great guy
Idk lol.... dude once there is an actuall ball rolling... chunks of people here and there will catch on.. it CAN become the new game.. people like games... I know I do. The intelligence factor being introduced into the game from the get go along with some of the other stuff in the article can give higher grade people an option to play a game without lowering themselves or playing dumb. Doing ones best is fun and addictive! I got the tingles! a really great guy - 07-07-’11 14:25
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