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How long have humans been, you know, smart?

03 07 11 - 08:01

They used to tell us 10,000 years. Some still do; others are dating it to the time of "Out of Africa," e.g. 186,000 years or so ago.

There are doubts however:

In 1976, when paleoanthropologist Andrew Hill and a colleague were tossing elephant dung at each other in Laetoli, a hominid archeological site in Tanzania. As Hill dived out of the way, he stumbled on what turned out to be one of the wonders of prehistoric finds: a trail of hominid footprints about 3.6 million years old.

The prints, say experts on hominid body structure, are strikingly different from those of a chimpanzee, and in fact are hardly distinguishable from those of modern humans. The only known hominid fossils of that age in that location are those of Lucy and her kind, the small-brained but upright-walking hominids classified as Australopithecus afarensis. PBS

They look very modern human. Maybe we were closer than we thought, 3.6 million years ago, and all the old tales are right: humans have been here in modern form a lot longer than is commonly believed.

thirteen comments

The bipedal African hominids were exellent walkers.

But the large brained neanderthals of the north had a braincase modelling like modern homos.

We don't know a lot about the life and nature of the early homos, but anthropology is a business that has been used as the foundation of the happy media story about the journey of the African Eve to the rest of the world.

I belive those footprints were set by stupid monkeylike persons.

Later in the north the large bodied neanderthals and archaic homo sapiens homo heidelbergensis survived in harsher climates. Anonymous - 03-07-’11 10:26
UFO's, Ghosts, Loch Ness Monsters, and Chupacabras
The footprints belong to Bigfoot, case closed. UFO's, Ghosts, Loch Ness Monsters, and Chupacabras - 03-07-’11 16:57
I bet neandertalls had a hoot raping those niggers. Levy_Spearmen - 03-07-’11 19:18
Blacks are super equals and superior to all other human groups. This is proof. LOL - 03-07-’11 21:13
Casey Anthony
Sheesh everybody is so defensive here all of a sudden! The proof is out there, in the trunk of Africa. After millions of years, definitive DNA evidence would wither away even if you wrapped it up in three different trash bags and embalmbed it in chloroform. It's a difficult case to prove. Casey Anthony - 03-07-’11 22:20
Lemon Glow
What of the idea that a short lived hominid group that was closer to the Neanderthal in brain-casing, through a collusion of the right events, shortly came into being, but, due to catastrophic events or lack of strength to continue on, they withered away after a few thousand years?

But then again, even you so-called enlightened types have trouble believing that history is anything but monochrome? Everything happened in a perfectly organized line right? There is no way two relatives of modern humans could of existed in two places at two different time periods because you've done internet research and went to a four year college that said different. Lemon Glow - 04-07-’11 09:45
We don't know a lot about early human history. If they find some shattered skull fragments and a tooth, they think it could be enough to pronounce a new species.

Svante Pääbo of the Max Planck institute tells us way more about human evolution than do any footprint and tooth collector. Anonymous - 04-07-’11 13:03
Just kidding, we love your dumb ass round here
Evolution is for monkeys. The upper castes of the pure white races are descendant of Divinity directly.

@Levy_Spearmint. Go back to VNN you prole fuck. Just kidding, we love your dumb ass round here - 04-07-’11 13:48
No jews? Sounds great! Fuck those annoying, ugly kikes. Levy_Spearmen - 04-07-’11 17:39
What does this have to do with WRITING SOME FUCKING METAL ALBUM REVIEWS???? my - 04-07-’11 18:23
world's tallest midget
>how long have humans been, you know, smart
>humans been, you know, smart
>you know, smart
>you know..

No, no I don't if I haven't finished reading the title yet. world's tallest midget - 04-07-’11 21:55
Metal heads who only care about cool sounding musak are stupider than Lady Ga Ga fans. LOL - 05-07-’11 10:27
Lady GaGa Herself
Gays r good and stuff
They are equal and smart
Primitive humans did not differentiate sexual partners, all were horny, all were fuckable, that's why animals are so fucking sexy.
I would fuck a homonid! Lady GaGa Herself - 05-07-’11 22:18

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