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On coffee and grocery stores

09 07 10 - 22:19

Unless your drip coffee maker is a feeble piece of junk from the 1970s, you're buying the wrong ground coffee.

I was hanging out at a Kroger today, noticing that in the pre-ground coffee, only one brand -- a luxury brand -- offers fine ground or anything close to it. Every single option is "coarse ground" which they spin as "works in any coffee maker."

There's a sleight of hand going on here. If you grind your coffee finely, it brews more easily, making stronger coffee with less ground coffee. But that's not so good for business, which wants to sell more coffee.

So the excuse becomes "well, someone might still have one of those old coffee makers that chokes on finer grounds" but the reality is that outside of 40 people who can well grind their own coffee, that's not needed. In the meantime, everyone else is drinking watery coffee and spending a third again as much as they need to.

Smart, these justification monkeys. Clearly they know something we all do not: that people are stupid, that you should screw them over for you own profit, and who cares in the meantime if you erode a million details of our civilization, slowly turning it from being a nice place to live into a rapacious, distrustful, negative hole?

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