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Land of the free

02 07 11 - 11:24

"Freedom" means nothing.

You can have "freedom from x," but freedom without an object is like supremacy: an unfounded and contextless assertion.

Still, remember, you have freedom, and that's why we're fighting Nazis/Commies/Israel/Islam/Hackers/Satanists/Elitists/Classists/Racists/Misogynists/etc:

This is a no-refusal weekend, which means anyone pulled over under the suspicion of DWI will be asked to take a breathalyzer test. If that person refuses to take the test, police can arrest them and draw blood to test for blood alcohol levels.

The numbers speak for themselves: 28 people have been killed in the past four years in highway crashes during the 4th of July weekend in Louisiana. State police say many of those deaths involved alcohol. Last year, 553 people were injured in 330 crashes. - They have television in Louisiana already?

If we have real freedom, let us drive drunk. That's a method.

If we create a destructive consequence -- e.g. drive badly, even if no wreck occurs -- haul us into court.

Then use the drunkenness as proof of gross negligence, and cut up the driver's license.

But don't engage in this stupid charade. It's basically welfare.

Welfare for proles who "need" to go out and get drunk all the time.

Nanny State says: "well, that's OK, so long as you don't drive drunk."

Which means everyone will drive drunk, the state will profit from busting them, and every now and then we'll have these showy events of anti-DUI activity.

But we'll never question the culture of drinking ourselves into oblivion as our only means of "happiness."


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