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Cities won't save us

30 06 11 - 11:07

Here’s another reason that the love of money is the root of all evil: a new study from Aalto University in Finland shows that spending is not just bad for your pocketbook, but for the environment too.

In a paper released earlier this year, researchers discovered a strong correlation between the consumption of goods and carbon footprint, noting that as income increases, so do greenhouse gas emissions.

For years, it has been widely accepted that living in a city – with its public transportation systems and closely-spaced housing - is more environmentally-friendly than living in the countryside.

But when the scientists compared the greenhouse gas emissions of people in Finland living in concentrated metropolitan centres and those in less dense surrounding suburbs, they found that, contrary to popular belief, there’s little difference.

In fact, there’s nearly no correlation between where someone lives and their CO2 emissions, according to Jukka Heinonen, the lead author of the study.

What matters is how often they open their wallets. - Trust.org

I wonder if this applies to poor people buying a ton of junk at Wal-mart, using social services and driving junkers.

Not very PC, if so.

two comments

The law enforced by EU light bulbs i tried , when lit all three stank of fenol, which is a chemical causing cancer.

These idiots really banned the spark light bulb for CO2 reasons.

Fortunayely I have collected a whole box of normal light bulbs. Enough for several years. Anonymous - 30-06-’11 11:54
Claude Balls
You're still buying into this bullshit? You do know that CO2 levels in the atmosphere don't affect the earth's temperature but it's actually the other way around? The earth's temperature, caused by the solar radiation and winds, affects CO2 levels. Claude Balls - 01-07-’11 07:36

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