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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Two views of the universe

30 06 11 - 09:53

Person 1: It's unfortunate things are that way, but we have to plan for them to be that way.

Person 2: It's not right that things are this way, so let's insist they change.

Liberals and other Crowdist-dominated people (including most conservatives) think that our best policy consists in manipulating people toward the right answer.

Conservatives realize that not only does human nature not change, but it varies from individual to individual, and natural selection to improve human nature is our highest priority.

Well, here's one from the Archives of Internal Medicine that most certainly did get published. It's an analysis of an old clinical trial, STEPS, which was conducted for Neurontin (gabapentin) during the 1990s.

But that's not quite right. The authors find, by analyzing a large trove of documents released during lawsuit discovery proceedings, that STEPS was not really intended to be a clinical trial. Instead, it was a marketing program:

Documents demonstrated that STEPS was a seeding trial posing as a legitimate scientific study. Documents consistently described the trial itself, not trial results, to be a marketing tactic in the company's marketing plans. Documents demonstrated that at least 2 external sources questioned the validity of the study before execution, and that data quality during the study was often compromised. Furthermore, documents described company analyses examining the impact of participating as a STEPS investigator on rates and dosages of gabapentin prescribing, finding a positive association. None of these findings were reported in 2 published articles.

Here's more at Medscape. STEPS was allegedly a Phase IV post-approval trial, but it was unblinded and pretty much uncontrolled. Instead of taking place at a small number of centers, it seems to have been set up to enroll as many physicians as possible (they ended up with 772!), with each of them bringing in a handful of patients.

This is an extremely foul technique, which brings the companies who use it, the entire drug industry, and the whole idea of clinical research into disrepute. For money. I feel like spitting on the floor. - In the Colon

He is a delusional liberal.

If you make something profitable, it will be gamed. You therefore need a better system of self-control than "it's science, so it must be sacred, so occasionally we should poke around to see if cheating is occurring."

If you concentrate power, cheating will occur.

The conservative view is simply that cheating will occur, so we need to be very skeptical about science and make it jump through a lot of hoops to prove both accuracy and relevance.

five comments

I don't really care about the article, sorry.
"Person 1: It's unfortunate things are that way, but we have to plan for them to be that way.

Person 2: It's not right that things are this way, so let's insist they change."

Unless you give specifics, they're the same exact position.

For person 1, he might see that people are not currently behaving that way, and indeed observe a part of society dominated by people like person 2, and hence he'd try to *change* that. So he's "insisting they change" too.

For person 2, unless you mean that he's trying to change the very laws of nature, he can simply be interpreted as planning for things (in nature) to be the way they are, where that plan does indeed involve some change.

Once again, you're imagining a sharp distinction where there is none.

Now you do give a specific later, that "human nature" does not change. But that's a straw man; the "liberals" you associate with your person 2 do not propose to change human nature. They only try to change human culture, as conservatives also do; in the latter case they may be trying to change the culture back to an earlier state, but that's still changing human culture.

You also contradict yourself when you say "natural selection to improve human nature is our highest priority."

I thought you said we couldn't change human nature.

Also, if humans are manipulating it, it's not "natural selection" anymore is it? It's eugenics. And if that's what you meant, fine, but that's not really a "conservative" position, since the whole idea of eugenics is quite new and not traditional at all. I don't really care about the article, sorry. (Email ) - 30-06-’11 10:14
I find that as a liberal, I use my words

hey maybe we (leftists) get the wrong idea about Tea Partier’s because they use slogans like “We came unarmed… this time”, oh and when a little girl challenges Michelle Bachman to a political debate, instead of saying “oh how cute” the Tea Party responds by sending death threats to her. Now you could point out that “hey those are really instances of people using words too!” but I’d say really? saying I hate someone is a whole different ballpark then saying I’m going to fucking kill a little girl.

(not in response to rob anymore)
I am shocked at the level of conservatives on this comment bored, am I being trolled? how can anyone in the metal community rally behind the religious right, or think it’s ok to hate on gays when we grew up with Rob Halford. To say that the tea Party is uninformed in politics is practically a compliment. Lowering taxes raises the deficit, how can you not understand that?! In the history of the US the highest the tax rates have ever been was during Ronald Reagan’s presidency (I hope to god you can recognize him as a conservative).

Between the attacks on the middle class and education I have no idea where the tea party comes from, if someone would like to try and explain PLEASE DO.

Fuck, I gotta go listen to some Annaal Nathrakh now, at least there is a degree in Philosophy in that band… T.J. (Email ) - 30-06-’11 19:58
what the fuck are you talking about? ??? - 30-06-’11 21:20
Natural Selection
A bullet for a few billion heads really is natural. Think about it. Natural Selection - 01-07-’11 08:48
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