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Bad science

28 06 11 - 20:50

They tell us the key to bad science is finding cause/effect, not correlation.

Statistics tell us that one out of every four girls aged 14-19, and one out of every two black teenage girls has an STD. Each year, almost 750,000 teen pregnancies are reported, and 82% of those pregnancies are unplanned. Clearly, we have reason to worry. But telling girls not to have sex - our approach for so long - is a useless and, let's face it, insulting effort. When you deny an entire segment of the population an essential part of who they are, a part they have full right to, they often wind up using it in a self-destructive manner rather than as a natural part of their development. In other words, if teenagers getting STDs and becoming pregnant and acting out sexually is a cultural problem, then stigmatizing teenage sex only makes it worse - much worse. - Too Much Psychology Today

Like most liberal blather, this is incoherent, but there's so much wrong with it most people don't even bother to explain.

It's like talking to a six-year-old who wants to get to the moon on his tricycle.

Her first assumption is that sex is natural and we need to do it all the time, and that what's natural (including urges like rape) should be celebrated because it's natural. Tautological natural law is good by liberals, but actual natural law is a "fallacy" according to their propaganda.

Her second assumption is that the results of sex by teenagers -- by definition clueless -- are somehow ameliorated by acceptance.

Her final mistake is assuming that encouraging people to promiscuous or other short-term-mindset behavior does not wreck a society. It does.

In short, this woman is an overeducated retard. Speak in short sentences.

seven comments

sufficiently educated
"In short, this woman is an overeducated retard."

Well that's certainly not your problem. sufficiently educated (Email ) - 28-06-’11 21:41
where are the metal reviews??? no (Email ) - 29-06-’11 05:43
Black People Hate Jazz
Keep having sex because unwanted babies and std's in bad examples is the best way to deter sexual activity in stronger minded people.

The goal is not to save the trash; it is to save the good people. Let the tards keep fucking because their brains shut down and dog-brains take over. Black People Hate Jazz - 29-06-’11 11:14
@sufficiently educated
It is too his/her problem. We live in a society; one opinion/outlook does in fact affect other people, thereby making it their problem.

Maybe you like to take on that point of view where if you just ignore the things you don't agree with then all is OK. That is neurosis - when you live in a fantasy a treacherous death caused by the misgivings of others will rip you out of it.

Oh yeah,almost forgot, fuck you. @sufficiently educated - 29-06-’11 11:17
How dare you fascists tell teen girls not to have unprotected sex without dealing with the consequences!! Fight the power! Peace mannnnnnnnnnnnnn Dave - 29-06-’11 17:06
Ryan Dunn 2012
Yeah man, let the young bitches fuck. Ryan Dunn 2012 - 30-06-’11 06:29
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