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Common sense is fascist

26 06 11 - 18:00

They call anything with consequences fascist.

Two groups that are dominating our society: those who care about consequences (fascists) and those who care about feelings (anarchists).

The feelings people want warm fuzzies, happy days, etc. just because they say so. They don't realize that you make happy by making stable, sane, clean, wholesome and good. Or rather they do, which is why they try to destroy such things. "I cannot have your pleasant world, so I will smash it!"

The consequences people are fascists, all the way from the moderate democrats to the Nazis to the extreme super-far right, which is the Platonists, Hindus and Schopenhauerians like me. We read Aldous Huxley and realize that no event is too small to have wide impact, and we either crush all delusional insanity and replace it with clear thinking, or we get taken over by morons.

The morons have banded together to oppose us. They fear any logic that demands we pay attention to the consequences of our actions, not just happy feelings about what might happen.

twelve comments

So why does New Jersey vote Democrat?
Did I read that right? Hindus are extreme super-far right? So why does New Jersey vote Democrat? (Email ) - 26-06-’11 20:37
The commenter above doesn't know shit about the Hindus and India in general.

Just because a group of people vote for their own interest (as opposed to the white majority's one) doesn't make them share the Democrats happy happy joy joy world view. TD - 26-06-’11 21:47
Nietzsche sez...
The extreme-super-far-right live by a master morality, while most others(Christians, leftists, humanists, etc.) live by a slave morality. Nietzsche sez... - 27-06-’11 03:42
On ancient vedic society read The Wonder That Was India by A L Basham

And yes, they were conservatives. Anonymous - 27-06-’11 04:13
Actually, Nietsche said that matser morality was dead.

He also said it was no better than slave morality.

And ancient Vedic society is not modern Hinduism. Underman (Email ) - 27-06-’11 08:35
curious guy
where's he say that? ^ curious guy - 27-06-’11 12:43
I don't have it in front of me, but he said that slave morality triumphed with Christianization of Europe, and he criticized that, but elsewhere said that master morality was just as arbtrarily and flawed, all in "Beyond Good and Evil". Untermensch (Email ) - 27-06-’11 12:56
No common sense is the rational which is the default for each of us. Read your Enlightenment theory and your Thomas Jefferson.

Fascism is bias and fear of the other with its stormtrooper boots going around stomping on people who just want to be accepted like everyone else. Dave - 27-06-’11 14:48
default! terror (Email ) - 27-06-’11 18:04

Common sense is common and natural (default), yes, but it is not immediately rational. It's intuitive - a gut feeling that average people share.

And I don't even know what to say about your definition of Fascism. It's ironically mis-informed (after you accuse the writer of needed to read-up on Jefferson) and biased (after you accuse Fascism of being biased) and fearful (when that contradicts the core of its philosophy) and you imply every secretly just wants to be accepted by the global community when, looking at current events, that is obviously not true.

Sometimes you offer useful criticism, but this time every sentence was simply incorrect. Even multiple times in the same sentence you were wrong. Ouch. AnHero - 28-06-’11 17:47
no, i think it's just because you're a racist, that's all... Adrian - 30-06-’11 17:04
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