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Receding into ourselves

25 06 11 - 11:14

Igarashi has a new identity (and plenty of company among young Japanese men) as one of the soushoku danshi—literally translated, "grass-eating boys." Named for their lack of interest in sex and their preference for quieter, less competitive lives, Japan's "herbivores" are provoking a national debate about how the country's economic stagnation since the early 1990s has altered men's behavior.

Shigeru Sakai of Media Shakers suggests that grass-eating men don't pursue women because they are bad at expressing themselves. He attributes their poor communication skills to the fact that many grew up without siblings in households where both parents worked. "Because they had TVs, stereos and game consoles in their bedrooms, it became more common for them to shut themselves in their rooms when they got home and communicate less with their families, which left them with poor communication skills," he wrote in an e-mail. - Slate

No mention of not wanting to deal with a dying culture or its commercial parasites.

Why recede into self? The outside world is a horror. Inside, we can control it, so we withdraw to the within.

The problem with this is that it mirrors the process that got us into this mess in the first place.

nine comments

Anyone up for a stool orgy? Adrian - 25-06-’11 11:23
The problem is they didn't just use are word. "luzaru" (Email ) - 25-06-’11 12:45
Well said. It makes one wonder - how much potential energy is out there, in the form of basically sane, basically good-natured people who have simply withdrawn? What would it take to awaken these people to the fact that they actually outnumber the loud, stupid and cynical?

All that's really needed is leadership and a little pressure. Lightning - 25-06-’11 17:52
But these grass boys are not completely sane, but rather they seem womenish. Some sane people might steer from the futile path of the a modern career because the reward is sketchy. Sane people work for a reward.

Some modern men will experience this :

Bring home money, but wife will get a dirvorce or be a slut. You cannot discipline her

Spend the day at work while teacher and TV teach children to be like Justin Bieber or 50 cent.

Don't be a money slut who kiss up and kick down (like the new rich proletarians), and you will be the first to be fired.

Be sane and clear about morality, and you will become unpopular, and you will be disposed of. Anonymous - 26-06-’11 00:19
Yes, these reclusive hermits sure have the right idea!

I really think this is my favourite ANUS article yet. Keep up the moon logic guys! Franny (Email ) - 26-06-’11 02:50
They don't have the right idea. Passivity very rarely changes anything (it has).

If one withdrawals, use the privacy and time to plan something that will make a change toward the desired goal. @Franny - 26-06-’11 10:47
Please fix the links!!
Sadly the links to Prozak’s interviews do not work. I hope you guys can fix it. These interviews are gold, perhaps the most important literature after Prozakhstan. Please fix. Thank you.

http://www.anus.com/etc/people/srp/interviews/ Please fix the links!! - 26-06-’11 17:05
Oops, they're fixed alright. Links are working now. Thank you very much anus staff. cheers. Rico - 26-06-’11 17:07
how bout that stool terror (Email ) - 27-06-’11 18:06

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