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Crush the skull of a baby boomer

23 06 11 - 07:09

Actually, someone just about did:

The owner of Boardtown Bikes in Starkville is in stable condition after being struck by a car while cycling Sunday in Clay County.

Jan Morgan, 57, was cycling with a companion on Highway 50 west of Highway 46 in Clay County around 10:30 a.m. when she was struck from behind by a car.


The Mississippi Highway Patrol identified the driver of the car involved in the accident as Robbie Norton, 44, of Cedar Bluff. No charges have been filed against Norton. - The Dispatch

Before you make like the greebos gathering at blogs and social networking sites to "protest this injustice!!1!," consider this:

Bikes don't belong on highways.

Highways are designed for cars and trucks. We let motorcycles on them because we need the donor organs (I guess). A bicycle on a highway is taking a huge risk, especially if the rider is a self-entitled self-righteous Baby Boomer who thinks that just because she wants to ride her bike on a road, everyone should wait for her!

Even if traffic is moving past at 55 mph.

Let's looker deeper:

He said the accident happened with the women traveling under the speed limit and in her lane. She did violate the 3 foot law but that is just a misdemeanor. She will be charged with the misdemeanor in the county court and it carries a max of 1 year in county jail and maximum $1000 fine.

He said the witnesses were deposed and they all confirmed that the women did not run from the scene. When she ran over Mrs. Morgan the second time she was trying to pull the car to the side of the road to get it out of the road. He said the defendant was panicked. So, she wasn't drunk, speeding, nor did she run from the scene. Those are the felonies she could have possibly been charged with if the witness's portrayed the events differently. - The DA's response

Now you could get all emotional about this, or look at the facts:

On highways, cars go by at 55 mph.

A bike in the lane forces everyone to slow down and carefully edge past the bike; in other words, the bike is a traffic hazard.

For this reason, most bicyclists do not ride on highways. They use other roads.

Only a stuck-up idiot with a sense of entitlement would choose to do so anyway. It's contrary to reason.

But you could get emotional about it, instead of being logical:

Jan Morgan remains sedated in the Tupelo hospital, unaware of all that's happening around her.

She's unaware of the Clay County prosecutor's investigation into Robbie Norton, the woman who allegedly struck Morgan with her car while Morgan was cycling with a friend on Highway 50 near Pheba in Clay County May 22.

She's unaware of all the gaudy, high-visibility yellow worn Friday by Starkville residents and friends across the country in her honor and as a reminder to motorists to share the road with cyclists.

She's unaware of the concern, outrage, fear and activism her accident has inspired, but she'll be able to read all about it on Facebook when she wakes up.

Dr. David Morgan, Jan's husband and her co-owner of Boardtown Bikes in Starkville, has documented every step of Jan's unfortunate odyssey on the social networking website Facebook. He's using his wife's Facebook page, which is available for all to view, to provide daily updates on the condition of his "Little Darlin." - The Times Dispatch

This is the kind of crap that morons think is "good writing." It's like TV; it plays to your most surface emotions, the kind you share with a crowd at a football game.

In fact, most of the article lacks something... facts. It's a popularity contest, designed to get you riled up about an issue without knowing anything about it.

The fact remains: don't passive-aggressively force other people to slow down, delaying their daily commute, because you as an entitled baby boomer feel that others should make way for you.

Someone might accidentally call you on it. Here's to Jan Morgan never recovering, thus helping rid this planet of parasites.


Death to Jan Morgan. Death in pain. Death for being an entitled Baby Boomer.

None shall help her.

All who do help her are the enemy.

All who pretend to help her, and instead help her die, are blessed in the eye of Allah (forever holy may be his name).

nineteen comments

What the fuck does her being a baby boomer have to do with it? She's a retard, sure, but there are plenty of cool baby boomers out there too. Every generation is just a rearrangement of the last one. 333assman - 23-06-’11 11:04
"It's like TV; it plays to your most surface emotions, the kind you share with a crowd at a football game."

Television programs have done so much to elevate and liberate mankind! How dare you criticize them! Dave - 23-06-’11 16:32
stacey morgan
jan morgan is my mom, you boner. cyclists have the same right to use the highway as oppressive drivers.

the highway should be the new symbol of america's open-door policy.

woooooooo long live eqaulitie, bro. stacey morgan - 23-06-’11 17:24
Anti-bike guy
the lesson here is don't ever ride a bike... Anti-bike guy - 23-06-’11 18:14
So getting overly angry about a woman riding a bike in a highway (and assuming that behaviour comes from entitlement) counts as favouring logic over emotion? Interesting.

'LETS RID THE WURLD OF PARASITES!!!11' -- I'd expect to see that kind of writing stamped on a Hot Topic t-shirt. Ugh. Franny (Email ) - 24-06-’11 01:32
Grumpy Young Man
I drive and I ride a bike. When I ride my bike I never cut in front of people at the lights, I stop at lights, and I ride on the sidewalk if I know a street to be busy (even if it's not "cool" to ride on the sidewalk). I sure as hell don't ride on the fucking highway.

If you put your hand in a blender, it will get tore to shreds. If you ride your bike on a highway, you get your brains splattered.

Brains splattered is not a pretty thing to imagine but it ain't insensitive; it's fact. Your brains literally get splattered.

Just like when MLK's brains guts got shot to shit it wasn't racist, his guts got shot to shit and the bullet could care less what color he was. Grumpy Young Man - 24-06-’11 08:47
Adrian says fuck you...
FUCK ANUS.COM.... Adrian says fuck you... - 24-06-’11 13:11
Come on pussies...
Why don't you faggots come to sacramento so I can kick your sorry nazi loving asses huh fucktards? Come on pussies... - 24-06-’11 13:11
Why don't you come find us? Why don't you prove we're Nazis? GYM - 24-06-’11 13:37
I fuck you.
No, these men are nihilists. It's nothing to be afraid of. I fuck you. (Email ) - 24-06-’11 14:00
RE:Come on pussies...
If I had the money to fly out their I'd kick your internet tough guy ass any day of the week. We'd see who the pussy was then wouldn't we? RE:Come on pussies... - 24-06-’11 15:19
Sorry guys, I get a little touchy whenever I'm not blowing myself. I suck cocks too. Adrian - 24-06-’11 16:38
Sadly the links to Prozak's interviews do not work. I hope you guys can fix it. These interviews are gold, perhaps the most important literature after Prozakhstan. Please fix. Thank you.

http://www.anus.com/etc/people/srp/interviews/ Rico - 24-06-’11 17:56
stacey morgan
i wanna cum on your face, Come on pussies, because you're such a hot, pissed off metrosexual. grrrr kissies stacey morgan - 24-06-’11 18:28
vietnam veteran
threatening people online, only the person who is doing that is the so called "tough guy". Everybody else is just stating their opinion.

Seriously, nobody should feel bad for this bitch. vietnam veteran - 24-06-’11 18:32
RE: I fuck you
don't you ever get tired of just quoting movies. have an original thought. RE: I fuck you - 24-06-’11 18:33
How do you know the one who said that has ever quoted movies before? someone (Email ) - 24-06-’11 19:45
Road Rager
5 points! Road Rager - 24-06-’11 21:10
Diversity Fails
Baby Boomers are people, too.

Shitty people.

Kill them all. Diversity Fails (Email ) - 25-06-’11 03:37

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