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Unintentional trolls

20 06 11 - 13:17

Some of us spend large chunks of our lives trying to figure out how to drive other people into panic and rage.

Others just do it effortlessly without seemingly meaning to:

"Foreskin Man" is not a typical comic-book superhero, and neither is his choice of adversaries: doctors who practice circumcision and Orthodox Jews who support the religious ritual.

San Diego activist Matthew Hess says he conceived the Internet comic series last year as a way to boost his budding national effort to outlaw circumcision, an effort that has led to a measure on San Francisco's ballot in November that would make it illegal to perform a circumcision on a boy under 18.

Recently, though, the series has drawn criticism from those who deride Hess' imagery as anti-Semitic and liken Foreskin Man's confrontation with a sinister-looking Monster Mohel to 1930's Nazi propaganda.

In the comic's second issue, the mohel (a specialist in Jewish ritual circumcision) barges into a San Diego home, snatches a baby boy from his mother, and proceeds to circumcise the infant on a pool table before being stopped by Foreskin Man.

"The (Monster) mohel has a dark complexion, hook nose and is practically drooling at the thought of apparently doing harm to a child," said Nancy Appel, associate director of the Anti-Defamation League. "He even has claws on his fingertips. He is blood thirsty just like the grotesque Jewish stereotypes that appeared in Nazi propaganda. It's absolutely a direct parallel." - AP

This has comedy written all over it.

The left, who truly hate Jews for their disproportionate success, have been letting pro-Palestine and critical of Israel meld ever-so-gently with their hate the rich people vibe directed at Jewish-Americans.

The right may have used Jews as a mythological example of the undoing of their culture, but it was seen as a role in a vast grand drama, a vast tragedy. The resentment was practical and based on proximity in a nation-state when a national state was needed. When that condition lifted, the enmity did as well.

With the establishment of a Jewish nationalist state in Israel, much of the tension has reduced, but only over there. Here in the diverse (and thus, constantly failing) USA we're still fighting out 1943. Or 1861. Maybe 1789. Definitely 1968.

Over and over and over again!

four comments

I thought you liked reality.

It's the left that hate Jews.

The right only use them as a "symbol" of what they hate. They don't actually discriminate against Jews, or systematically kill them.

And of course, no Jews are leftists themselves. I thought you liked reality. (Email ) - 20-06-’11 13:31
hooknosed bastard
Yea really tho ^ hooknosed bastard - 20-06-’11 14:44
u r noob
this post is deep. we are proletariat because we dont undetrstand it u r noob - 20-06-’11 20:46
The Left is confused. They dislike the Jews for being successful while they can't really hate them because that would be so "far right". The Right on the other hand just has to play the victim card and then blame the Left by using its own sacred cow. TD - 21-06-’11 08:44

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