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The crowd scene

20 06 11 - 02:52

Life is life.

People who don't want to deal with it want to believe that life is whatever they imagine it to be.

They think this is empowering, beautiful, creative, compassionate and enlightened (etc).

The point is however that without a sound basis for that belief, it becomes a delusional addiction.

The delusional addicts form in crowds, hating those who may be succeeding in life without the illusion.

They reject all logical thought, and instead substitute emotion. Who cares about the consequences? Right now we feel good.

Jón has found the role highly stressful, becoming ill as he struggled with complex issues. He left school at 16 after a troubled adolescence, during which he was a heavy glue sniffer and was sent to a special boarding school. Giving a mayoral speech at an award to a social worker, he burst into tears, wondering if he was cutting the sort of services that helped him as a teenager. He was relieved to find he wasn't.

He describes himself as an anarchist, inspired by Gandhi, Tolstoy, Bakunin and the British punk band, Crass. His radio shows have included crank calls to the CIA and the White House, but he claims to have known nothing of politics beyond what he had seen on The Wire. "I just love fucking with narrow-minded people who take themselves too seriously. I really like to irritate arrogant people, all those authoritarian people who want to control what we say and do."

He has banned religious groups from city schools, dressed in drag to mark gay pride, and had the city's sky-blue crest tattooed on his left forearm. After his summer holiday, he plans to paint his nails, wear lipstick and campaign for great apes to be given human rights. "I might try resigning on a really minor issue that I get wrong, since no one here has resigned for all the huge things that went wrong."

Such tactics infuriate the traditional parties, who deride them as jokers and amateurs. "Because of their lack of experience, the officials have gained power, which is not a good thing," said Kjartan Magnússon of the conservative Independence party. "Also they said they would never raise taxes, which persuaded lots of people to vote for them, then put them up. They're just another old-fashioned socialist party." - The Retardian

Of course they are. Not all Crowdists are socialists, but all socialists are Crowdists. You have to be, to believe that taking competence out of the equation is beneficial. That's what socialism means -- no matter how incompetent you are, we'll make sure we support you.

Let's form a political party of rejects and freaks and claim we're doing things differently. We'll get a little break because our country just failed, which suggests it should be ruled by the Norwegians. But there is no accountability for a few years.

So out comes the freaky, the voters being dumb saps who are suckers for a gimmick fall for it, and these clowns goof around for a few years until they find someone to blame their failings on.

It's not really any different than what happens in the USA or any other democracy. The USA elected its president with the fewest qualifications ever in Barack Obama. He had literally done nothing except waltz through some government-enforced quotas. It's showing now.

Back in the 1970s, they elected Jimmy Carter, a true scholar with no concept of reality. Again we wonder what the voters were thinking. They weren't. They were reacting and so they got suckered by image and got a disaster of a president.

Europe is in the same fix. If someone shows up to promise them entitlements, they click the yes vote and go home feeling very empowered. Ten years later when all those entitlements bankrupt their country, they riot in the streets.

It's someone else's fault. It must be. Everyone in our crowd thinks so.

four comments

Adrian loves race-mixing
Like I said earlier...

No one cares what Prozak thinks about anything...

Life is life.

People who don't want to deal with it want to believe that life is whatever they imagine it to be.

Some of prozaks greatest composers were the same way...dreamers, not elitists douchebags with sorrry ass opinions... Adrian loves race-mixing - 20-06-’11 10:34
Adrian thinks that the number of people who shares an idea is a criteria of validity. On a side note, I heard low income cities are full of precious and non-elitist people very prone to forced race-mixing, if you know what I mean. TD - 20-06-’11 13:13
^This. Nairda - 21-06-’11 13:53
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