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The modern fetus

18 06 11 - 12:05

At some point in every life, one accepts mortality and thus that one's time must have significance, and so journeys into adulthood.

In theory, this shouldn't be a bad thing; among other reasons, it's an INEVITABLE thing, as much a part of life as youth. Yet in our image-worshipping, youth-fellating, market-driven and shallow insincere society, we find it hard to admit we're mortal, that we age, and that we now are more responsible toward end results. That's associated with icky things like conservatism, civilization-building and other grand notions that deny the supremacy of the individual.

One other way to look at it is a transition from consumer to producer. When you are a little fetus, others produce and you receive. At some point, you leave behind that role and start shaping the world after your own mental ideals. You produce things that others consume because they are not yet ready to produce. Ideally at least, it would be this way.

You do that until you earn a rest in old age, and then vegetate for a couple decades before they compost you. During this time, you revert to being a consumer, but now you have the knowledge of the difference between the two, and so it seems consumption is not as much desired by those in old age.

The modern fetus comprises those who want to remain consumers for life. The hipster, for example, wants to talk about his favorite music and the projects he participated in, but never intends those things to be great. They're passing the time; he is the real show, the center of events. The irresponsible impoverished person is a perpetual child, never having figured out how to produce, thus wandering between "jobs" where his lack of initiative keeps him dependent on others for instructions.

Occasionally, these people band together and decide that, as consumers, they should dictate how a nation is run. We call this liberalism. The end result is that they stop looking foward, and cease thinking about leadership, and instead focus on dividing up what they already have. Time marches on, and soon they're irrelevant, at which point all that holds their little empire together is its shared belief in the supremacy of consumers over producers.

The cycle then begins again.

three comments

Sounds like Greece. Claire - 18-06-’11 15:38
non-hipsters have never heard of them
Only hipsters complain about hipsters. non-hipsters have never heard of them (Email ) - 18-06-’11 22:36
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Check it out hommies! Dissonance - 19-06-’11 02:38

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