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Bending air about race

07 07 10 - 09:50

So the Hollywood shucksters came out with another stupid movie, and this time it's the usual religious solutions to big symbolic problems. That's the opposite of art, which is finding practical solutions to tough problems through discovering a greater significance to the (moral) struggle. But I digress.

The movie sells well, probably because its main competition for "mystical bullshit to distract you from your failing civilization" is the latest doughty turd from the Twilight franchise, but a number of people have objected to the movie's casting of Caucasian actors for obvious Asian characters. The greebo paranoids out there are sure it's part of the Vast Racist Conspiracy, but more savvy minds recognize that Hollywood is simply selling to the majority demographic. If most of your nation is Caucasians, you want them to have movie stars who look like them so they can lust after them, imitate them, buy stuff with their faces on it, etc.

The missing story is that Airbender is yet another installment in the Hollywood fascination with the "exotic," mainly because if you're a degenerate filmmaker -- and actors and directors, as people who take on the fantasy of others, are by definition without souls -- you want something to take your mind away and distract you from the issues you should be exploring, fixing or at least understanding. No movies about reality, please -- take us away, to someplace entirely different. Then we can go around thinking how we're like those people in Differentland, and none of this here is our problem, because we're mystical beings from elsewhere.

Because I am a consummate troll, I dispatched the following letter to the racist activists who are upset that Asians are portrayed as Caucasians in the movie:

I enjoyed your web site and thought it rang true. Hollywood is simultaneously pitching us "exotic" Asian cultures as an ideal, and then
using people who look like their majority audience to act out their weird fantasies.

However, I think you should look at this situation from another angle: diversity doesn't work. In a diverse nation, one group will always be on top and the others will either be victims or play victims, causing an ongoing cycle of ethnic strife.

A more sensible solution is nationalism, where each group gets its own nation -- and its own Hollywood.

These people are having trouble facing the trouble with diversity/multiculturalism: no matter who you are, you're a racist.

Support diversity? Then you support the eventual blending, through breeding of convenience, of all people into one gray race. That's racist.

Support your tribe? Then you're trying to avoid being assimilated, and so you have a preference for yourself, so you're racist. Normally, this accusation is only leveled at Caucasians, but Asians as a successful ethnic group might get it too. That is also racist.

Support someone else's tribe at the expense of your own? There's no reason why ethnic self-hatred is not a form of racism. You're racist, too.

There's no way to win. Right now, the vast conspiracy for the ethic of convenience -- otherwise known as mutual human individual laziness, dysfunction, stupidity, disorganization and obliviousness -- is OK with the racism that says we all blend into one gray race. If you're thinking of no one but yourself right now, why do you care about consequences to your civilization as a whole? Just hope to die before it implodes.

Instead of accusing each other of racism for simple marketing decisions, we should probably instead just face the fact the in diversity, anything you do will offend someone because there is no right answer for everyone.

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