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Kill off the baby boomers

11 06 11 - 12:40

When modern society becomes hell, people disengage.

Men refuse to consider marriage.

Kids don't leave the home.

People take menial jobs instead of having careers.

It backfires, of course; all that happens is they end up broke, bored and miserable living in their shitty one-room apartments, sending all their money to be someone else's profit. It's a dead-end game.

But in the meantime, we have created a truly self-hating society. Jewish self-hatred? It has nothing on modern society. We hate ourselves for being successful, but mostly we hate ourselves for being big saps who can't say no to anyone.

Not saying no means you have to hire every idiot out there, have to respect every mouth-breather for being human (and they usually have no other accomplishment than being born human), and have to wait in lines and in traffic while stupid people fumble through.

A dying civilization hates itself, and the children suffer the most:

So if my children — like so many of their generation — are lazy and feckless, then I concede that in many respects my solicitude and mad generosity have only encouraged this.

My liberal ways may have backfired, but perhaps the real problem is that being grown up doesn’t look very enticing. Out of a combination of kindness and indifference, my parents concealed the full horrors from me. But in my easy-going way, I’m afraid I could never disguise from my own brood the fact that the responsibilities of adulthood are offensively ordinary; tacitly to be avoided.

I scream most days about insurance premiums, broken washing machines, brown envelopes, insolent tradesmen, cleaning the kitchen floor, brown envelopes, picking up clothes, luncheons with Rotarians, brown envelopes.

Adulthood is when the lights go out. There is not an ounce of pleasure in it — this is the underlying theme of The Wind In The Willows and Peter Pan, of course. - The Daily Fail of Cock Huffer Island

What a miserable web we weave. And then we take it out on each other, instead of simply facing the truths we fear and fixing our society.


I don't think that earlier generations hated adulthood and its inherent responsibilities quite like the boomers. Since boomers never wanted to grow up, they've created new generations that also want to remain children forever and fear adulthood. And I'm sure that all that childish wailing by the boomer parents had nothing at all to do with sabotaging their children. We all know that boomers never sabotage anything.

Why are boomers so mystified by this? Oh, wait. They don't acknowledge that their actions ever have any repercussions.

Boomers = ME ME ME Claire - 11-06-’11 14:07
Its also no coincidence that what some people call post-modern society, or hyper-capatilist society only began in the last 40 or 50 years. Our society has created a new class of people who have adult-paying jobs and child-like desires, which is exactly what advertisers would like. Why get a job or get married or buy a house when i can masturbate to my x-box for 17 hours a day? Brian (Email ) - 11-06-’11 14:30
By the way, Dave, you chastised the author of one of the previous posts for committing the naturalistic fallacy. Then, you admonished us to 'read our Rousseau'. May I ask you if there has been any philosopher to ever commit that error more frequently or with as much enthusiasm as Rousseau?

"Everything is good as it leaves the hands of the author of things, everything degenerates in the hands of man."

"Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves."

"Cities are the abyss of the human species."

"I feel an indescribable ecstasy and delirium in melting, as it were, into the system of beings, in identifying myself with the whole of nature."

"Civilization is a hopeless race to discover remedies for the evils it produces."

"The first person who, having enclosed a plot of land, took it into his head to say this is mine and found people simple enough to believe him was the true founder of civil society. What crimes, wars, murders, what miseries and horrors would the human race have been spared, had some one pulled up the stakes or filled in the ditch and cried out to his fellow men: "Do not listen to this imposter. You are lost if you forget that the fruits of the earth belong to all and the earth to no one!"

"The extreme inequality of our ways of life, the excess of idleness among some and the excess of toil among others, the ease of stimulating and gratifying our appetites and our senses, the over-elaborate foods of the rich, which inflame and overwhelm them with indigestion, the bad food of the poor, which they often go withotu altogether, so hat they over-eat greedily when they have the opportunity; those late nights, excesses of all kinds, immoderate transports of every passion, fatigue, exhaustion of mind, the innumerable sorrows and anxieties that people in all classes suffer, and by which the human soul is constantly tormented: these are the fatal proofs that most of our ills are of our own making, and that we might have avoided nearly all of them if only we had adhered to the simple, unchanging and solitary way of life that nature ordained for us."

I will admit that the last two quotes are taken out of context and that his thought took a direction contrary to that of the Second Discourse and Emile, but the point still stands that he made this blunder numerous times in his earlier phase. belial - 11-06-’11 14:47
Women are sluts, so the brideprice of a quality virgin is at a historical hight. Therefor some men seem to be reluctant to commit themselves into fulltime carrers and risky housebuying.

The women need to be disciplined better. They should heed the words of our Lord and enjoy the virtues of the needle and the cookingpot.

Women are mostly biologically designed to be automatons. They do what is popular or they do what their overlord expects automatically.

Therefore a quest for family is a quest for culturel and economic stability -- and that on every level of observation. Anonymous - 11-06-’11 15:46
Brian Russ
I cordially invite you all to participate in the Death Metal Tournament hosted on the BNR Metal pages.


thanks, see you there…

Brian Russ Brian Russ (URL) - 12-06-’11 08:30
Kontinual Adventures
Be sure to read the new "Kontinual Aventures series" posted on the comments section on every boring blog post on this site!

T-shirts with the Kontinual Aventures logo will be sold through the Metal Hall forum... coming soon. Kontinual Adventures - 12-06-’11 11:07
ya allah
Once in a tree there were two birds, one at the upper branch, serene, majestic and divine, and the other at a lower branch, restlessly pecking fruits, sometimes sweet sometimes bitter. Every time, when the restless bird ate a bitter fruit, it looked at the upper bird and climbed a branch up. This occurred a number of times and eventually the bird reached the topmost branch. There it was not able to differentiate itself from the divine bird, and then it learnt that every time there was only one bird in the tree, the upper bird, which is described as divine, the real form of the other restless bird. This is the thought of Vedanta. The fruits in the story are Karma, the restless bird denotes a human soul, and the majestic bird denotes the Absolute ya allah - 13-06-’11 01:19
The Boomers did want to grow up, just not the way Western society wanted them to. Society needed change from conservative bullshit at the time. Now the boomers and everything forward has leaned a little too far over to the left and now we have controlled chaos. We need to keep a balance. Hipster - 13-06-’11 05:00
Good rant here, have to agree part of what I read where true. Almost as if I were looking out a window of someone's else. Would have to say that the mid 30's-40's, at this rant applied to. Well Done! LillyMunster - 13-06-’11 08:02
KILL 'EM ALL FUCK BALANCE - 13-06-’11 08:04
Lilly again
*is true *sorry for other verbal mishaps. Good article...keep these thought provoking rants going! Lilly again - 13-06-’11 08:04
Steve Brettens
right now at BNR Metal pages is:
Carcass vs. Necorphagia
Malevolent Creation vs. Entombed Steve Brettens - 13-06-’11 08:25
my mom explained her neglect to me like this:

"I just wanted you to find your own way in life"

sounds nice by itself, but when you factor in that I had to teach myself how to brush my teeth at the age of 29, it puts a harsh light over the truth of the matter. now I tell people that I was raised by wolves, if they can stop screaming at me for five minutes jso (Email ) - 13-06-’11 10:42
Oh and Graveland is still avoiding my questions Dave - 13-06-’11 17:27
Attila le Hun
Yes, I'm going to conquer the whole dying occidental world. Anyátok picsáját. Attila le Hun (Email ) - 13-06-’11 18:16
Fuck off, Dave Graveland - 13-06-’11 21:18
Fuck off GravelandArt. Hipster - 14-06-’11 04:24
Ayatollah Assahollah
Who the fuck is "GravelandArt"? Ayatollah Assahollah - 14-06-’11 16:03
You are all Dave. You too Graveland. (I'm not btw) Dave - 14-06-’11 17:32
Does anyone else find it ironic that a guy named "ya Allah" quoted a hindu myth when one of the biggest genocides in world history was the arab muslims invading India? I thought that was kind of funny... Brian (Email ) - 14-06-’11 18:44
I'M SPARTACUS!!! Dave - 14-06-’11 19:17
Stop using my handle. STOP USING MY HANDLE! Just hold gently instead thx. Dave - 14-06-’11 19:49
That's what your mom said Dave - 14-06-’11 19:51
Guys this will probably be my last post here. I have already asked the imposters to please stop but to no avail.

Also it is not amusing making fun of how some of us were born. It is not a choice.

That said, this really bothers me.

"Not saying no means you have to hire every idiot out there, have to respect every mouth-breather for being human (and they usually have no other accomplishment than being born human), and have to wait in lines and in traffic while stupid people fumble through."

All I can do is agree to disagree. A human is a human. Nothing more and certainly not less. This is science and civil society speaking to you here. Just like the denial and avoidance in the other discussion about abundance and plenty, we call humanity and ethics progress as well.

If you guys don't like progress you aren't one of us and perhaps might find another world to inhabit. Actually that's the best bet seeing as this type of discussion is banned in many places and the right wing has little support. Anyway good luck and all.

Okay farewell everyone. Hope you guys come to your senses. Dave - 14-06-’11 20:34
Goodbye, ass face. Dave - 14-06-’11 21:54
men steel jewelry
Well, does it mean progress will change everything? Change how we use to be? Men wont consider marriage and kids claim to leave home every now and then. I dont think so. men steel jewelry (Email ) (URL) - 15-06-’11 07:35
Niggaz! How about some drum n bass reviews? Check out the You Need Therapy mix by Technical Itch. It's sick. Dissonance - 16-06-’11 07:05
Joe Shlombolton
Hi guys, how are you?

I am fine, thanks. -_-

Expressing my confusion about the general state of poor physical health, primarily lack of strength, among the first world population.

If everyone strength trained, life would be better. Strength training requires discipline and hard work, and a population of strong, fit people can get a long better. Their brains are better. No more cheeseburgers. Joe Shlombolton - 19-06-’11 08:04
Bottle Man
I earn money. I pay taxes. I'm just like you. Don't throw me away. Bottle Man - 21-06-’11 10:20

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