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Handouts encourage parasitism

08 06 11 - 15:20

It's not Christian morality; it's not liberal morality; it's a state underlying both.

The proles in the West feel they are victims, which is a way of saying that want out of the stress of making decisions, yet they brought that stress on themselves by overthrowing a traditional order.

Seeing no solutions, they simply project onto others, as if trying to ensure that every other place is ruined in the same way they ruined their own native lands:

The locals were starting to pester us good style now. It happened almost every time we went into a place where Westerners had been working; people would be expecting us to give them stuff, and if we didn't, they hassled and poked. They were given so much aid from so many sources that in the end it wasn't something that they were grateful for; it was just something that they expected as of right. The best aid foreign nations could have been giving them was education, to show them how to be productive themselves. Instead all we did was give them six hundred tons of wheat to salve our consciences. But in doing so, we created a nation of takers, who were not contributing to their own country, their own economy. - A. McNab, Immediate Action, Bantam Doubleday, New York, 1995, p. 289

How wholly neurotic.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Or even better: leave everyone else alone and let nature sort it out.

I've noticed a few things:

  1. Charitable types. Are there any of these that are not either bored stay at home Moms, simpering beta males with a deep inner hatred for their mothers, or people from completely broken backgrounds trying to "make a difference"? Notice that all of the above have something in common: their own lives are disasters. They want to tell you what to do, because you might be ignoring someone who is equal and therefore has every bit the same right as you to exist, except that they're failing at existing. So you should fix it, because it will distract all of us from our own inner failure. Our bodies are OK, our hands are busy, but neurotic souls inhabit these bodies, and that's why the West is full of people who want to "help."

  2. The internet is awash in the bitter. These take two forms: the well-intentioned and highly emotional types who want to make sure everyone is happy and everything is positive, and the bitter people who criticize everything they see unless it is their own thing. The first group hopes that they can find meaning in life by making others as neutered as they are; the second group hopes to cut your balls off with the threat of social ostracism, yet they tend to be people who are self-ostracizing because of their bitterness, tyrant attitudes and general lack of going anywhere in life. Ever notice these people are on the internet all the time? And doing nothing but expressing themselves? So what parts of life did they skip to be able to do that?

Beware the parasite. Not just out there; in yourself, lest you breed more of them.

eleven comments

oh snaps!
"The internet is awash in the bitter."

Yeah, people like you. oh snaps! - 08-06-’11 17:22
better to be hated for who you are, then loved for who you are not... bloodandfire - 08-06-’11 22:16
by Rabindranath Tagore

Go not to the temple

by Rabindranath Tagore

Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God,
First fill your own house with the Fragrance of love...

Go not to the temple to light candles before the altar of God,
First remove the darkness of sin from your heart...

Go not to the temple to bow down your head in prayer,
First learn to bow in humility before your fellowmen...

Go not to the temple to pray on bended knees,
First bend down to lift someone who is down-trodden. ..

Go not to the temple to ask for forgiveness for your sins,
First forgive from your heart those who have sinned against you. by Rabindranath Tagore - 09-06-’11 01:33
I say leave the uneducated, unwashed masses just as they are. The more we waste time trying to make them into something they are not, the more we are distracted from our own goals. We will never move forward to bigger and better things if we keep trying to pull the lead weight that is the "unfortunate" up to where we are now. It's a losing proposition for both parties. Claire - 09-06-’11 11:07
just saying
Actually, charitable types tend to be rich, powerful business or industry moguls. Probably what you'd call "alpha males"; even though that may not be what this site defines as successful, it's what mainstream society defines it as. just saying (Email ) - 09-06-’11 11:52
Grace Bonney
I don't expect you to understand.

People of intelligence, education and artistic temperament will re-cog-nize that it is unenlightened to attack the less fortunate.

I fully support giving everyone an education, whether they can spell "education" or not when they graduate, in addition to the food aid we give them so that they can see how benevolent and enlightened we are.

Just last week I spent over 45 hours (deductible) making cobbler's hook outdoor artistic candle Mason jar lighting fixtures for the impoverished. Tomorrow the camera crew and I go to document me giving these to the helpless, downtrodden, sad and lonely.

Keep watching your televisions because I will be on them, an enlightened donor, while you are at home living selfishly for your un-miscegenated, redneck, bigoted, uneducated, unenlightened, uncharitable, in fact inhuman, selves.

Summary: Me > you Grace Bonney (Email ) (URL) - 09-06-’11 11:59
who really cares bloodandfire - 09-06-’11 23:14
There you go blaming the victim. Evil simply can not go lower.

I am at the point where I see no poor person is to blame no matter what ills are secretly heaped upon them by the old white upper class. We call that shifting the blame, something the authoritative types excel with, aside from their bigoted name calling based on their pseudo science human taxonomy, another supreme evil we have done away with. Dave - 10-06-’11 20:36
The Ultimate Warrior
This site is so full of good content as of late that it's beginning to remind me of the Internet of the mid 90's, an Internet I think we all miss dearly.

It's so striking of a resemblance that I almost wish that all interactive methods with the content such as comment boxes were removed, so that I could truly pretend for a moment I was in that old untamed Internet of yesteryear that didn't suck. The Ultimate Warrior - 12-06-’11 14:54
The Ultimate Warrior
P.S. - Dave, God hates niggers, heil Hitler. Suck on that, you cretinous hipster ten assed shit stomping dick shelf. The Ultimate Warrior - 12-06-’11 14:55
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