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Grace Bonney is a chimpanzee

07 06 11 - 20:06

We can tell our society is ruled by "false elites" and faux taste-makers when they cannot even complete a logical thought.

Grace Bonney, "celebrated" (by hipsters) author at Design Sponge, is one such case.

Recently a truth activist posted this on one of her threads:

I think all opinions should be heard, the good and the bad. Why does everyone have to like this? Why are positive comments the only acceptable comments? Shouldn’t there be some honest discussion about design standards on this “design” blog?

I think there is often an overly positive response to some fairly aesthetically dubious content on this website.

Summary: people here are too accepting of mediocrity, which they justify on the basis of the "positivity" of their comments.

Intellectual turd Grace Bonney responds with:

i’m not sure why you’re under the impression that negative opinions aren’t being heard. yours are both being published and read, no one is trying to stifle them, or your trademarked freedoms.

Summary: I'm going to pretend you were complaining about censorship, because that I can claim is not going on.

Except that she committed a logical fallacy here, of the type non-sequitur: she did not address the original point.

The original point was that a sick groupthink pervades the community where hipster idiots are praising each other's worthless projects.

Grace Bonney, in a stupor of her own creation, chose to interpret that as somehow about censorship.

That's a typical passive-aggressive hipster tactic, Grace. If you'd done that even in my intro philosophy classes, people would have suggested a PE major for you.

But probably like most other hipsters, you either faked your way through a "name" university by capitalizing on someone you knew or a special political exception category, or are hiding your own paltry education behind memorized "facts" that you claim show you can think.

However, the above example shows in black and white that you are a dishonest doofus.

Here's the original thread, in case anyone is interested.

ten comments

josef H
that's how 'freedom' works: criticize all you want, nobody will answer you back but hey, your comment is published for all to see! isnt that what you want?.. josef H (Email ) (URL) - 08-06-’11 00:31
You just made the same mistake she did... No Means Yes, YES MEANS ANAL (Email ) - 08-06-’11 08:21
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!.......Whoadie!
Why do you hate this site so much? It's barely hipster and more leaning towards soccer moms. Don't ya think? Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!.......Whoadie! - 08-06-’11 11:38
"The original point was that a sick groupthink pervades the community where hipster idiots are praising each other's worthless projects."

Kinda like what goes on on this site, amirite? Not_A_Hipster - 08-06-’11 12:24
opposite day
I'm glad you took the time to enlighten us about this incredibly important woman and her incredibly important website. That you posted a whole screed about how butthurt you are by her is not embarrassing at all. opposite day - 08-06-’11 12:39
Picking on anyone is bad.

Why can't we all just be positive? No Means Yes, YES MEANS ANAL (Email ) - 08-06-’11 13:15
Has Not_A_Hipster actually perused this site? I think not. Amirite? Claire - 08-06-’11 14:55
*yawns. why post something as gay as this! might as well as write something about the Kardashian sisters or lady gaga. bloodandfire - 08-06-’11 22:15
Angela Merkel
Grace Bonny sucked my dick once. Angela Merkel - 10-06-’11 15:30
"Reminds me a little of Picassos Man Do Cow and late expressionistic Warhol.

Is it for sale?


That's funny, she chose to delete the comment with objective criticism and to publish the one with bullshit. Anonymous - 11-06-’11 05:31

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