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Humanity are hamsters

05 06 11 - 14:49

After you're done driving around your blockhead-designed city today, dodging other people who can't drive although it's simple, idiots who must turn everything into a sales pitch even if it requires no such thing, governments administering contextless rules, and hordes of obese buying disposable consumer products while talking in loud voices, you probably need even more retardation to make you feel really human:

The Smurfs, the cuddly blue comic strip creatures loved by generations of children, are anti-Semitic and racist, treating blacks like moronic primates, a new book claims.


Under the guise of a "critical and political analysis of Smurf society", Mr Buéno's 'Little Blue Book' ruthlessly deconstructs the world of Smurfs (Schtroumpfs in French).
His stark conclusions are that the blue men created in 1958 by Belgian artist Peyo, real name Thierry Culliford, represent an "archetype of totalitarian society imbued with Stalinism and Nazism".


In the story, a Smurf gets stung by a black fly that turns his skin jet black, drives him insane and deprives him of speech. Soon the entire village has changed colour.

Mr Buéno said the story was clearly racist, as when the Smurfs turn black, "they are reduced to the state of primitives who get around by jumping and crying: 'Gnap! Gnap!'"


Mr Buéno also contends that The Smurfs' arch-enemy, the wizard Gargamel, comes across as a classic anti-Semitic caricature of a money-grabbing Jew, the book claims. "Gargamel is ugly, dirty, with a hooked nose (who) is fascinated by gold". - The Daily Retard

Well. That just slaps itself with a flipper while screaming A BA TA DID, doesn't it? Let's take a few incidents out of context, oversimplify them, and read lots of crazy stuff into a cartoon. Yes, cartoons can be propaganda injections. But maybe you'd better turn on the other 99.99% of them and see what they're preaching: everyone is equal (none shall rise above), everyone can get along, we all just need to love one another and sing kumbaya... while those who made the cartoons run away with the profits. Aha.

But it gets even dumber:

Planting trees to combat climate change is a waste of time, according to a study by ecologists who say that most forests do not have any overall effect on global temperature, while those furthest from the equator could actually be making global warming worse.


"To plant forests to mitigate climate change outside of the tropics is a waste of time."

The carbon dioxide used by trees for photosynthesis helps cool the Earth by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But forests also trap heat from the sunlight they absorb. - The Guardian

Yes, morons, forests trap heat. They also convert carbon dioxide and reduce the amount of land which is covered with concrete and reflecting heat into the lower atmosphere. Did they include this in their models? Hell, no.

Why did both of these utterly retarded studies/books get published?

For the same reason anything gets published:

There is a market for it.

A nice ironic news story! Stop planting trees, that's too hard -- buy green condoms and recycled rectal mats instead!

What makes us morons? That we're all scamming each other for bucks, and no one has an eye on the road.

eight comments

Bravo! Graveland - 05-06-’11 14:55
Fallen Bard
MODURRNITY ARE BETTER THAN YOU! Fallen Bard - 05-06-’11 16:56
you're like a more verbose mallcore faggot
I bet this is your favorite song of all time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFJIBtqunHY you're like a more verbose mallcore faggot - 05-06-’11 19:07
@ you're like a more verbose mallcore faggot

I do not think that word means what you think it means none - 07-06-’11 00:34
josef H
Hergé's Tintin was also considered racist against arabs and africans, in a 'study'... i guess i should go buy all those childhood comics before they're prohibited. josef H (Email ) (URL) - 07-06-’11 02:48
basic things you can't do
"I do not think that word means what you think it means"

It would help if you pointed out which word you're referring to. basic things you can't do - 07-06-’11 13:36
maybe humanity might shed some light to the humans aka hamsters in this commercial. now this commercial is way retarded. bloodandfire (URL) - 08-06-’11 22:06
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