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Face the Nature

04 06 11 - 06:17

Ponder on this: nature is cruel, detached, brutal, and yet produces the beautiful.

If that does not imply a greater sublime, it must imply a will toward cruelty.

Either a benevolent force underscores your world... or its intent is pure murder, sodomy, hatred, torture and cruelty.

twelve comments

Cats are Ubermensch
Nothing cruel here just something adorable, set to Slayer's best song evar. Cats are Ubermensch - 04-06-’11 08:11
I wonder what our local animal rights activists morons have to say on this. TD - 04-06-’11 17:15
Best. Video. Ever. Graveland - 04-06-’11 17:38
Cat/Slayer FAN #1 LOL YAY!!!
At 1:48

Fuck yes. Cat/Slayer FAN #1 LOL YAY!!! - 04-06-’11 17:43
You are trying to tell us to throw away all progress since magna carta.

You probably forgot about the naturist fallacy. There is simply no reason for us to give up on unity and peace to regress back to conflict.

Yes that is what John Lennon was on about with his wonderful song Imagine. It can happen and it will. Stop giving up on humanity and just believe with us. Dave - 04-06-’11 18:51
I love only Nature, and I hate mathematics.~Richard Feynman
Dave, how on earth could you respond to this beautiful post with your usual pablum? You're merely repeating what my parody of you blathered. I love only Nature, and I hate mathematics.~Richard Feynman - 04-06-’11 19:38
two wrongs don't make a right
Also, you continue to forget the teleological fallacy: http://lesswrong.com/lw/te/three_fallacies_of_teleology/ two wrongs don't make a right - 04-06-’11 19:41
My name is also Dave
Did you just site John Lennon?...BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My name is also Dave - 04-06-’11 19:57
Cats should be more tolerant of the diversity that results from having mice around instead of oppressing them and causing them suffering. Mice and cats are equal and should both have the same rights in society.

What I'm trying to say is I suffer from rectal prolapse. Dave - 04-06-’11 21:02
Spread the lulz !
HOLY SHIT ! That was funny ! Spread the lulz ! - 05-06-’11 06:26
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