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White nationalism: fail

27 05 11 - 08:27

Way back in 1997 or so, I like many Generation Xers started awakening to what deep doo-doo our culture was in.

All the Beethovens were gone; they were replaced by the plastic shitheads like Kurt Cobain (spit) and a series of "profound thinkers" who were airheads in disguise. The heroes they held up to us were not conquerors who got everyone organized toward transcendent goals, but literal idiots whose main contribution was making people more comfortable, more equal, more complacent, etc. Our idols were supposed to be the sick, lame, perverse and dysfunctional.

Like many who grew up with the homilies of well-intentioned parents and teachers, we knew how evil the love of money, big government, etc could be, but it became clear that the real problem was a chaotic civilization with no goals in common. Hence, we desired culture; but culture, never politically correct, aligns only with ethnic group. You need a sense of identity, a sense of shared purpose, and a shared inclination toward such things. Western Europeans, like those who made the 1970s America in which we all grew up, had those things in common. Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans, and non-whites? These were heading different places.

Of course, we didn't want to mention such things to avoid hurting our friends' feelings. So what if your Italian buddy is of a different culture? Yet it does have an impact on you, in that now there can be no cultural agreement, thus all we have is commerce, popularity and big government to determine direction. Thus a duality emerged: we wanted culture, but wanted it without throwing our friends under the bus.

Unfortunately, there was and is no option in politics for that. "Left" and "right" are distinct as night and day, and exist in gradients from anarchist through Communist and libertarian through fascist respectively. But neither is giving us the option for non-hateful, rational re-centering of society around culture. The biggest reason of course is that those who claim to be nationalists -- the culture-through-race people -- are confused, disorganized, dysfunctional and/or just sociopathic:

If we want a saner world, those of us who understand why white nationalism is important need to destroy white nationalism.

No, seriously: throw it on a bonfire, pour gasoline on it, and watch it burn from a distance. Destroy white nationalism before it’s too late.

White nationalism is what we call a surrogate, or a fake thing that stands in for what you need. It wastes your time and, because it claims to solve your problem, prevents you from finding the real solution. - "Destroy White Nationalism"

It's true: the biggest opposition to nationalism is the people calling themselves nationalists. Like the crazy fundamentalists who drive people away from Christianity, or the insane trivial hipsters who drive people away from music, or even the bitchy witches who take over school and volunteer groups with their drama, these are non-important people pretending to be important by using ideology, and sacrificing it in the process.

Nothing in the concept of nationalism implies hatred, Holocaust genocide, Day of the Rope or other nutjob emotional reactions. Nationalism just means organization of civilizations by ethnic group so that culture trumps money and popularity. Nationalism doesn't mean "my group versus all y'all," it means that if one group (say, Israel) gets the right to be ethnic nationalists, all ethnic groups should have the same ability.

It's also a giant middle finger to a millennium of egalitarianism. Egalitarianism sounds like everyone is equal; in actuality, it favors the dysfunctional people who cannot create and instead want to demand those things from successful people around them (a phenomenon known as CROWDISM).

Anywhere resources are limited a zero-sum game exists.

(Liberals are fond of pointing out that the economy is zero-sum game, meaning that for someone to be rich, someone else must be not as rich. Conservatives are fond of pointing out that the resulting economic hierarchy is more efficient than Communist egalitarianism, thus everyone benefits, even if not all are rich.)

As a result, we have to say that yes, race relations are a zero-sum game. One group gets to be in power and gets to make the rules. It’s either blacks or whites. No group exists that has the interests of both at hand.

So when someone approaches you saying “I want this and you should give it to me because I’m equal” you can reply with: You know, we are all equal, in the abstract. But this patch of land belongs to me and my kin. If I let you in, that’s less for us. Eventually, that will put your descendants and my descendants into mortal conflict. So you need to find another patch of land, one that’s equally good, and I wish you godspeed.

That way you refuse the double-standard of egalitarianism, which rewards everything to the asker at the expense of the asked. - "Selfishness or self-interest"

And in typical modern fashion, here we are in the aisle of our department store, holding two versions of the same type of object. One is made more sturdily, but more expensive; the other is cheaper and will fall apart sooner, but easier to use. Neither has all of the features we want because if one object had everything, it would dominate the market and that would exclude many other people from making these exciting objects. And thus, despite having trillions of dollars of technology and manufacturing, we the consumers -- the vast majority -- still suffer with an inferior object of whichever type we chose.

The principle remains that nationalism is the answer, but even as far-right parties surge to new success across Europe, we're still waiting for the nationalist party that does more than talk about race -- it combines race and class warfare into one narrative, which is a denial of egalitarianism and "have it your way" in favor of cultural standards, a purpose to life and a desire to always improve ourselves:

I work harder, today, than at any point in my past. Not because I have to, but because I want to. Doing nothing, for long enough, is about the most lethal thing there is, for a human.

Long before the body succumbs, the mind dissolves into oblivion. - "The upside of poverty"

Racial chaos is a symptom of our decline.

Decline of society is a symptom of our decline as people, as a culture, as an idea.

Decline originates in the collision between our wealth, and our resentment of anyone who has more.

It makes us passive, and instead of thinking toward creation, we think toward parasitism.

This is how most of the world thinks, and it's why they live in poverty, have low IQs and are beset by disease and warfare.

Thanks to our prole revolt in the west, we are joining them. They have almost won; liberal democracy is their triumph.

They have one big task left: destroy heritage, and make us all citizens of the global shopping mall, fresh for imprinting without whatever trivial trends obsess them:

If the last century showed us anything, it is that each national group (Jews, Germans, Italians, English, American whites) needs self-rule and a vigilant sense of self interest, or it will be assimilated or destroyed by larger, less sensitive, and less distinctive groups.

It’s the few who rise above versus the aggregate masses.

Jews/Israel and whites/Europeans are a minority in this world and to put it bluntly, the majority hates you guys. It hates you for what you have that it does not.

North Asians and other “favored” ethnic groups also find themselves in this position, but no one is quite as large of a target as Jews and Europeans. When you succeed, you become resented, especially if you don’t have a clear upper hand.

In other words, the only salvation for Jews — and whites — is to embrace the principle of nationalism, which is the idea that each ethnic group rules itself, segregates itself from others, and builds a society based on its own culture and heritage. - "Self-defeat and Zionism"

Those of us who wish to rise above and be exceptional are the only minority.

Every other "minority" is just people in the wrong place.

Those who wish to avoid adapting to life, to not change themselves, but to demand (as if from a parent) things from life under the guise of helping others, worldwide, are the majority.

Humanity is attempting to rise above its majority with an exceptional minority.

Do we beat them back, or do we all just keep on buying tshirts, acting selfishly, listening to angry music and grousing about what could have been?

It's a fair question.

nine comments

Brett Stevens 2012
BRETT STEVENS FOR PRESIDENT Brett Stevens 2012 - 27-05-’11 16:07
STEVENs FAN #1!!!!!!
LOL YAY GO BRETT STEVENS!!!! STEVENs FAN #1!!!!!! - 27-05-’11 16:07
"Do we beat them back, or do we all just keep on buying tshirts, acting selfishly, listening to angry music and grousing about what could have been?"

Nobody has any right to beat others back just because "things are bad" or what have you. Look at all the dictators and their supporters removed from power for proof. Dave - 28-05-’11 11:43
Angry music, angry music. You can't change anything, you can try and make yourself feel good, but really there's not much to be done. ff - 28-05-’11 14:59
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3P0evTYcZ4 listen - 28-05-’11 18:25
this ip rocks Dave - 29-05-’11 22:35
Dave, I know you think you are inherently correct in all matters, but allow me to point out a simple flaw; did the US have a right to beat back the NS, Fascist, Communist leaders? Levy_Spearmen - 31-05-’11 09:28
You still haven't answered the question
Yes, Dave, your statement sounded a little contradictory. You still haven't answered the question - 31-05-’11 18:11
He will never answer it as it is completely irrational to think that anyone has a right to beat beaters beating the beaters. Buh-buh-buh-buh-BALLS! Levy_Spearmen - 31-05-’11 18:29

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