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"White Identity" needs reviews

25 05 11 - 20:19

I recommend this book to every thinking person who has an interest in the issue of race.

The usual propaganda from both sides -- "Diversity is kumbaya doubleplusgood!" from the left and "Negroes are chicken-eating criminal Kenyan presidents!" from the right -- doesn't factor into the equation. White Identity steps over that to give a practical assessment of the future of diversity in America.

The author, Jared Taylor, has asked that those who have read the book contribute reviews at Amazon.com. Mine is right here, and should provide hours of infuriating reading for people on both sides of the divide.

In the meantime, if you've read this book and have five minutes, please write up a short review.

five comments

"Race is one of these fundamental and obvious truths. The truth that we human beings are divided into many races, each with their own different character, is obvious, just as it is obvious that other species on this planet are divided into distinct groups, distinct breeds. " - David Myatt, Why Race Exists Dave - 26-05-’11 07:33
Jim Necroslaughter
time to cash in my "Amazon reward points" Jim Necroslaughter - 29-05-’11 10:01
Dave Dave - 29-05-’11 22:35
I live in Cali Dave - 30-05-’11 09:11
Anti-dave death squad.
Thanks Dave. Anti-dave death squad. - 30-05-’11 15:33

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