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Unquestionable Presence

05 07 10 - 06:42

With our media and fellow citizens desperately scrabbling for any form of fantasy in which to lose themselves, the topic of UFOs raises its head. Some say they exist, and point to dubious "proof"; others claim either that the proof is invalid, thus no aliens exist, or that it's impossible for aliens to exist.

A smaller group quietly maintains that while we have no smoking gun, it's unlikely aliens do not exist. This group often also notes that if aliens do exist, and they've come here, they're ahead of us and we are unlikely to detect them or even notice them. After all, they probably evolved as we did through war and colonialism, and so are undoubtedly versed in camouflage, deception, stealth and strategic thinking.

Naturally, any intelligent being coming across this planet will be a bit skeptical, because they recognize it as a stage in evolution through which they have already passed. Much as Europeans came upon the savages in the New World, Africa and South Asia and said, "Aha! They've made it to the spear, and the bow and arrow, but not reading, writing, mathematics or philosophy" aliens coming by here are thinking: "Aha! They've made it to nuclear technology, but not to transcendence of self."

When you see something less evolved than you, your inherent response is fear and distance. It doesn't play by the rules you did, and in going through evolution, you bypassed many of the cruder behaviors it will visit upon you. This is why we are especially wary of monkeys, because they're like dumber, more violent and less predictable versions of us. You can't reason with them, which puts us at a disadvantage to the well-thrown poo or sudden bite.

I don't doubt most of the UFO sightings are fake or mistaken. While I don't accept the media rationale that because one crop circle is faked, they likely all are, I think it's telling that most UFO and related sightings fall into the following category of logic:

  • No replicable proof.

  • Requires belief in a conspiracy to hide the truth.

  • No clear purpose to the activity

  • Assumed motivation of some vast, symbolic importance

If you read this correctly, it's a type of religious-dogmatic approach --one that we also apply to our nascent Science, but more often use for cults, sects and the kneejerk dogmatism of dying empires. The UFO cult is based on making assumptions first, and finding the data later, so we don't trust them. Of course, if we were as insightful about all our activities, we'd see that too many conform to this backward rationalization pattern.

The reason many UFO sightings are faked is simple: we live in a chimpanzee mob that is disorganized and of a flat hierarchy, and as a result, each individual humonkey is doing whatever it can to draw attention to itself. They need partners to breed with, friends, even social notoriety to help them feel better about their insignificant lives. So they do the social equivalent of jumping up and down and screaming "Pick me! Pick me!" One good way to do that is to find something rare, unique, interesting... like a UFO sighting with religious implications, such as the aliens coming to earth to tell us to live in peace.

But this same monkey mob mentality causes us to deny the obvious: this universe is absolutely huge, and whatever fortunate confluence of events caused earth to be hospitable to life can occur elsewhere. Even more, if it occurred at all, there's probably a mathematical reason for its existence -- it will conform to the normal distribution on some level or another -- and so it is probably occurring elsewhere. Now you may ask: would it be occurring just now, or since the dawn of time? Probably the latter, which means that out of the uncountable planets out there, it's likely there are many which could support life and may have been doing so before Earth did.

This line of thought leads us to why people deny UFOs, and refuse to accept the sense of their existence:

  • If life exists elsewhere in the universe, it too is evolving

  • Much as on Earth it evolved into sentient species, it will evolve into sentience

  • Its history will then mirror our own, as any thinking creature will face the same problems/triumphs as humanity has

  • In turn, this life will eventually get mobile and explore the stars, and even show up here

  • This means that we are in competition with this life form

And with that final bullet point, the reason for denial of the possibility of extraterrestrial life becomes clear: much as we once found it difficult to believe the universe rotated around the sun, and not earth, we are not the center of the cosmos. In fact, we are insignificant. Much as each individual human being wants to believe they are an immutable center of all existence because that is how their consciousness spins it to them, we as a species want to believe that somehow Earth is the exception and that we've stopped evolving because we're divine or as close to it as we can get.

So we see how our denial of the extraterrestrial has a terrestrial origin: our fear that there is something we should be doing, as a result something we're missing out on, that puts others ahead of us. Until we are able to see, smell, touch and taste them, we're not going to believe that we should have any goal or be pushing ourselves to greater heights. Instead, we will return to the mob monkey mentality and focus on how we're going to divide up earth, so that we can deny our future in the stars and with it, the troubling knowledge that we are not Gods flexing immutable wills but lonely animals simply trying to adapt to their environment.

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