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22 05 11 - 07:55

To the old Pagan Religion,
By H.P. Lovecraft

...Olympian gods! how can I let ye go,
And pin my faith to this new Christian creed?
Can I resign the deities I know,
for him who on a cross for man did bleed?

How in my weakness can my hopes depend
On one lone god, tho' mighty be his pow'r?
Why can Jove's host no more assistance lend,
To Soothe my pain, and cheer my troubled hour?

Are there no dryads on these wooded mounts
O'er which I oft in desolation roam?
Are there no naiads in these crystal founts
Or nereids upon the ocean foam?

Fast spreads the new; the older faith declines;
The name of Christ resounds upon the air;
But my wrack'd soul in solitude repines
And gives the gods their last-received pray'r.

Thanks to Þór Einar Leichhardt for the text.


josef H
amazing.. in case you know which book this comes from pls let me know.

JH josef H (Email ) (URL) - 22-05-’11 10:17
this a stupid idea. The pagan time ended because people stopped agreeing with it. They found the newer way more agreeable because the old one had been around too long.

Just accept democracy is the best way because the most people get to agree. Everyone has more money. Progress is inevitable and material conditions can only improve for all. I have faith in this.

An outdated mind of supremacism like the authors above are simply wrong by default because of their wrong headed attitudes toward modern life and the people of the world. Dave - 23-05-’11 10:48
Up makes me wonder if there ever really was a Dave. Levy_Spearmen - 23-05-’11 11:10
Johnson Suckone
Oh, Dave has faith in this. Oh, wow, thanks Dave. My fears are relieved. Johnson Suckone - 23-05-’11 14:11
Fuck off, Dave. anti-dave - 23-05-’11 15:48
I myself am extremely glad Dave is here to educate us on the correct beliefs and opinions we are permitted to have. One day we will be just like you Dave! I hope.... =( pro-Dave - 23-05-’11 15:51
Look what I did to "In Mala Fide.com" (also known as "Den of Retards.com")

http://www.inmalafide.com/blog/2011/05/23/in-mala-fides-new-comment-policy/ LOL YAY GO ME!! - 23-05-’11 15:52
Fuck  off Dave
It would be more appropriate to say that the pagan times ended (officially) because it was something that was forced on most people...by the way, FUCK OFF DAVE. Fuck off Dave - 23-05-’11 16:34
Slaughter (Can)
FUCK OFF DAVE, WILL SUFFICE!! Slaughter (Can) - 23-05-’11 16:44
Yeah, you're right...fuck off Dave, fuck off Dave, fuck off Dave, FUCK OFF DAVE! FUCK OFF DAVE FUCK OFF DAVE FUCK OFF DAVE - 23-05-’11 18:20
I agree with Dave. US NAVY SEALS (Email ) - 24-05-’11 07:29
I wish someone would do this systematically...
Here's a blatant falsehood: "Everyone has more money." Even a cursory glance at the statistics would disprove this. Also, when is money definitively correlated with well-being (psychological and physiological)?

And another: "The pagan time ended because people stopped agreeing with it. They found the newer way more agreeable because the old one had been around too long." I suppose you don't know about the resistance offered to the spread of Christianity all over Europe, do you? Look up Charlemagne for one of the more egregious examples.

"Progress is inevitable and material conditions can only improve for all. I have faith in this." At least you admit it's only faith. By the way, are you British? I'm only asking because that's where Social Darwinism (Galton, Spencer, Wells)was first formulated, at least in its more teleological forms. Your prose also betrays that possibility. I wish someone would do this systematically... (Email ) - 24-05-’11 10:15
At least you use the term British instead of the outdated chauvenistic regionalism of Irish, Scottish, Welsh or English.

There are plenty of deserving British people from Central Asia, the Far East, the Caribbean and Africa. The petty tribal regionalism is not applicable.

I am pleased we agree on this point. Dave - 24-05-’11 11:27
"Just accept democracy is the best way because the most people get to agree." is a logical fallacy.

Since democracy is by definition power to the people (i.e. most people) then what you say is basically "When most people get to agree it is the best way because most people get to agree"

Plus, even that statement is wrong since a lot of people who get to agree means then they agree on less. Unless of course if you aggressively push for homogeneity, which Anus is a fervent proponent. TD - 24-05-’11 13:37
"power to the people"

That's right. Look at the transformation of the Middle East. Pure grass roots people power.

"aggressively push for homogeneity"

This is what scares everyone into choosing open democratic societies and choosing tolerance instead of someone's standard that they might not meet.

Why bother hiding behind gods when your real god is Hitler and the temples are gas chambers for the so called criminal, so called insane, so called vapid, all who should have the same basic human rights.

This is all about a consensus for securing basic rights for all. Look what happened to Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein or Hitler. They were each notorious for their intolerance. It looks like they were wrong after all because they are no more. Dave - 24-05-’11 14:31
I don't remember Hitler being mentioned in this article, why the cheap shot? I also doubt very much that the Nazis had anything in their philosophy that was particularly cerebral or thought inducing like what some of us find on this site. Ditto for Hussein...also, terms like English, Welsh, etc. are not "chauvenistic" but terms to designate specific ethnic groups. I'm sure a Scotsman or an Irishman would be happy to explain what the term means to them. "British" is a term used by the "English" Crown to collectively refer to the different groups that were forcibly subjected by it. I'm also sure that all these "deserving" central Asians that you refer to are the same ones trying to push for Sharia in Britain. It would seem that THEIR ethnic identity means something to THEM, even if someone like you does not. Learn your history wherever you are from, Dave. Graveland - 24-05-’11 14:59
You know you argue with a champagne moron when they use Hitler as an argument. TD - 24-05-’11 18:05
Russian Spetsnaz
I disagree with Dave. Russian Spetsnaz - 24-05-’11 21:36
This is very frustrating...
Graveland's right; there is nothing wrong with someone identifying themselves as Welsh or Irish. To deny them that would be to continue the centuries long assault on their culture(see Edmund Spencer's 'A vewe of the present state of Irelande').

That's beside the point, however. Your Procrustean framing is history is utterly appalling. Christianity was certainly NOT freely adapted by the Pagan peoples in their entirety; in many cases, they were coerced into doing so at sword point. If you need a an easily identifiable era at which to begin your studies of this phenomenon, have a look at the reign of Theodosius I (though I guess that would falsify your paltry faith in 'progress'). That trend continued in a similar fashion the world over.

Have you heard of John N. Gray (not the author of 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus')? If not, then you desperately need to read 'Black Mass and the Death of Utopia'. It exposes the unsavory (to say the least) origins of your seemingly benign 'faith' in 'inevitable progress'. No ideology has ever been more destructive than the teleological conception of history. This is very frustrating... - 25-05-’11 10:39
What about John Lennon, Dave? All that preaching of love and peace and he still got shot to death! That's why they say a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet. RE:Dave - 26-05-’11 19:04
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