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Might be Jenkem

20 05 11 - 11:46

The new waxeth amusing on one of our favorite topics around here, Jenkem, or another way of escaping reality:

The crime scene report says, "The room had several dozen containers and a five gallon plastic buckets that all appeared to have contained the offensive material before someone dumped them out onto the floor and furniture in the room."


As for why the man had so many containers of excrement, officers believe it may have been a little-known and widely-speculated way to get high called Jenkem.

Jenkem is an alleged hallucinogenic drug of noxious gas caused by the fermentation of sewage. However, many insist jenkem use is a hoax . Snopes.com, a website designed to debunk internet rumors, says "evidence that jenkem use is a significant phenomenon in the US or that the substance can even produce the effects described is scant."

Smelly house forces tenants to leave (WPTV, 12/03/10)

I hope it was Jenkem and he got hella high.

As the saying goes:

Jenk 2 Live
Live 2 Jenk

One comment

thx in advance.
Anyone know where I can score some dope ass Jenk is north cal? Gonna be there for my nephews brisk next month. thx in advance. - 20-05-’11 14:47

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