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Prozakhistan secedes

18 05 11 - 19:31

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for the dissolution of illusion, those who accept that consciousness itself causes spaciotemporal reality and is, in turn, a cause of its own physical manifestation must, in the name of greater potentiality and aspiration of the human and other species, declare independence from the materialists and the dualists and others who deny infinity, and instead open the cosmic portal to stare wide-eyed into infinity with hope.


seven comments

Prozakhistan is a bizarre piece of art.

Truly epic. hail. - 18-05-’11 19:55
Pro-motherfuckin-zakhistan!!!!!! graveland - 18-05-’11 20:41
I remember reading Prozakhistan back in 2000, it was really bizarre but interesting as hell. I also recall the blasphemous Unholy Altar !! Back then when SR Prozak didn't act like a rock star and replied to all emails... CC - 18-05-’11 20:54
CC, there's over 500 emails in that inbox. Give it time, or re-send if you think it got lost. VP (Email ) - 19-05-’11 05:17
I have an advanced degree in philosophy and you don't
"the materialists and the dualists and others who deny infinity"

What the hell is that supposed to mean? I have an advanced degree in philosophy and you don't - 20-05-’11 03:02
High School Drop Out
It means that there is only 1 God, and Muhammed is his prophet. High School Drop Out - 20-05-’11 09:11
It means your degree in philosophy wasn't so useful after all. TD - 20-05-’11 10:32

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