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Message in a bottle (to al-Qaeda)

16 05 11 - 16:01

Dear brethren in the struggle against modernity,

If we must have terrorism, please stop destroying esurient stockbrokers. While they are annoying, and barely know how to dress themselves, they are not the root of the Evil Internationalist-Modernist Regime's (EIMR) power.

Instead, turn your sights to these:

  • Hollywood. American movies and television rule the world.

  • The New York Times. World liberalism is cued by this resource.

  • The United Nations. Lead kumbaya singers.

  • Celebrities. These represent success symbols in a decadent time.

While many of us are upset that you may have killed our friends who work in the corporate hierarchy, none of us will cry if you blow away a few celebrities, fly planes into studios, execute media executives, slaughter leftist journalists, or blast giant flaming holes in the UN in its mission to give cholera to us all.

Let us take inspiration from this great hero:

Bravely, alone, he stalked John Lennon and shot him dead, ending the hysterical hippie binge that had been ongoing since 1968.

With his five victorious shots, he changed the course of history -- and showed the world that the peace, love and happiness morons were not only popular, they were mortal.

Smashing icons is sometimes more effective than killing footsoldiers.

I hope the far right listens to this too and stops harming innocent minorities. Go kill some studio executives instead. Remember to sodomize them as they die twitching.

Just sayin'

eigthteen comments

blow up the world.
Fucking agreed. blow up the world. - 16-05-’11 17:01
black pow-ah
this goes for black panthers and our anarchist friends too. maybe even some commies since celebrities wallow in decadent capitalism no? black pow-ah - 16-05-’11 18:33
This post is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for that. +1 - 16-05-’11 19:32
When the hell are you gentlemen going to write a review for 'Ride the Lightning' and 'Master of Puppets' by Metallica? The absence of those two albums in your reviews is a glaring ommision. BrutalBeats - 17-05-’11 04:04
Lol Mark David Chapman is a hardcore beatlesfan. He even married a girl that reminds him of Yoko Ono. vampiresofblackimperialblood - 17-05-’11 06:21
click here for goatse booty dance vids
enough people can't ignore it because they are it. if anything they now worship the man because he died. as an individual i ignore him and those who are of him. click here for goatse booty dance vids - 17-05-’11 18:13
Jim Necroslaughter
Whoever said that ANUS blog posts are starting to kick ass again was right! May Mark David Chapman live in dark legend forever... Jim Necroslaughter - 17-05-’11 19:14
Adrian McCoy
Aren't you guys going to complement me for trying to kill korn? Adrian McCoy - 17-05-’11 19:38
I'm important!! Really!! I am!!!!!
That was me Jim!

I said that!!

You know the whole "lol yay go _____" thing??

That was me too!!!

And poop jokes!

I did that! I'm important!! Really!! I am!!!!! - 17-05-’11 20:02
Mourning Soul
SUCCEED in killing korn and we will talk...maybe Oprah would be a good compensation for your dismal failure Mourning Soul - 17-05-’11 21:24
This shit is priceless
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRE3Pj2FMao This shit is priceless - 18-05-’11 00:19
Thanks for that link.
Black people can be pretty fucking stupid sometimes, especially when they argue about statistics. Thanks for that link. - 18-05-’11 05:17
Black folks are pathetic. Just kill whitey and accept the fact that you are too br00tal for society. Levy_Spearmen - 18-05-’11 12:50
Everyone would be happier. Blacks get to rampage as they want, and whites get a fucking clear reason to kill them and throw them out of the country. Levy_Spearmen - 19-05-’11 09:46
Jim Necroslaughter
ahahahaa - YOU'RE the "lol yay go" guy!!???? you're one of my favorite trolls! Do you actually know Brunhilde? Jim Necroslaughter - 19-05-’11 17:51
Dave got penetrated by dave's mum
Is that nazi's.org brunhilde 88 ?
HEIL HIT LAIR ! Dave got penetrated by dave's mum - 20-05-’11 12:08
Chad in AK
i think the deeper idea within this article is that idolatry is the downfall of man, specifically, the men-worshiping-men form. in some sense, it is the base of all human folly. it seems there is always too many followers (the herd) that can't live without a leader. if only there was a follower-leader virus ... Chad in AK - 21-05-’11 01:49
gw2 gold
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