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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

It's all really simple, man

28 06 10 - 16:21

A liberal reader writes:

If anyone is truly the oppressor in modern politics, it's Conservatives.

* They want to tell you with whom, when and why you can have sex.
* They want to keep all the fun drugs illegal.
* They want to ignore or continue the inequality of the races.
* They won't let two people in love marry if they're gay.
* They won't make recycling mandatory and save our planet.
* They want to perpetuate the giant killing machine that is our military and arms sales worldwide.
* They want us to take Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck seriously.

Conservatives bring nothing but death and suffering. Let's split up America and send the Conservatives to Bible-belt Heaven, a.k.a. Alaska, where they can be ruled by Sarah Palin until the end of their days.

Yep, it's really that simple. You know what our problem is?


You got it. That's right, oppression. Since the dawn of time, some group of idiots somewhere has been oppressing us. It's not our fault things are going badly (under the surface, because on the surface they're going great -- check out the Xbox and the Ford Excursion).

You probably don't know this. But let me enlighten you: All that pollution, political corruption, lack of exploring the stars, miserable boring jobs and ugly cities, angry bitter people who scam you and then blame you for ripping them off, the endless power games where someone has to feel smarter and better than others for trivial game... that's all a result of oppression.

It's not that we are disorganized, and therefore easy to oppress, or that because we are mostly personally disorganized our lowest common denominator is a low standard. Nope. We're the good guys -- the problem is the oppressors! And they're stupid and evil, but somehow they're winning, even though we're enlightened and good.

Oppressors bust us by pretending to have standards. They think one way of doing things is better than others. But man, if you think about it and deconstruct it, they're all just choices! What does it matter? If you make one or the other, you'll just be fine today and tonight. Don't worry about tomorrow, it's not cool. There is no right way of doing anything and history is not a lesson.

There's lots of ignorant people out there who will deny that the problem is oppression. They say that most people are personally disorganized and morally deficient, therefore plunging society into constant stupidity, crime, incompetence and bitterness. Even more, they say that groups of the incompetent band together to tear down any who might rise above. But that doesn't make any sense to me, so I've gotta say that we'd be better off without the oppressors.

It's really simple, man.