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More unsecured machines

12 04 11 - 03:44

These are spam-spewing hoses, so there's probably room for others to victimize them:

The owners of these machines are probably thinking that WOW is running really slow for some weird reason, and they need to upgrade. Another $400 Dell, another spam nightmare for the rest of us.

twenty comments

You should try Captcha. I heard it stops spam. Dave - 13-04-’11 20:37
Excellent song about GNAA hacker lord WEEV! The lulz mentor!
ohh shit, oh crap- it's another weev attack...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqKOxnMpI0A Excellent song about GNAA hacker lord WEEV! The lulz mentor! - 13-04-’11 23:35
"Don't you think Finntroll's song "Solsagan" talks about Trolls? Are you crazy yet? Why do you have an arab-sounding name? Are you a terrorist? An islamic fundamentalist? No Cro-Magnon blood for you, you lame excuse for Aladdin/Princess Jazmin. Now, the second part of your sentence is what got me "really paranoid lol ♥ yay like what, um like "whut" do you mean that "Cro-Magnon blood is found even in the higher classes of society"? Are we being run by monkies lol yay ♥ ? Now here is the serious part: No shit sherlock, you fucking cracked this mystery! Tell it to me, a 1/4 sorry excuse for a basque: omg like its like people tell you that you are either a Cro-Magnon or a Neanderthal lol ♥ ! Its like they tell you have monkey blood in you ♥ ! Lol yay we-r-primates lol ♥ ! Go Norway, yay ♥ ! BEAUTIFUL BRUNHILDIAN ART - 14-04-’11 08:00
Hybrids, what the hell, dude/dudette/lol ♥ ? Why don't we become just FUCKING CYBORGS if that's "lol the whole point of it lol ♥ !"

"Whatever. Go read Donna Haraway."

"Lol Whatever Brünhilde you stupid crazy wench lol ♥ !"

What is it with all the "YAY GO BRUNHILDE LOL YAY!" ? Diuck - 16-04-’11 12:36
http://www.burzum.org/eng/library/the_lords_of_lies03.shtml TD - 17-04-’11 01:59
Varg Vikernes
lol YAY GO BRUNHILDE lol Varg Vikernes - 17-04-’11 08:50
Varg Vikernes
lol(joker) Varg Vikernes - 21-04-’11 01:32
lol yay brunhilde fanns 4 ev3r!
LOL YAY!!!!!! GOBRUNHILDE!! lol yay brunhilde fanns 4 ev3r! - 21-04-’11 04:42
brunhilde lol yay!! Go Brunhilde fans!!11!!
^_^ brunhilde lol yay!! Go Brunhilde fans!!11!! - 21-04-’11 06:34
hmm, wow is running very slow today. Better contact my ISP. "lol yay" dude - 21-04-’11 07:23
worried hessian
The Hessian.org website has been down for over two weeks or so, this occured around the same time heavy trolling was occuring on the Gojia website urging people to visit Hessian.org... I wonder if these events are related (?). worried hessian - 22-04-’11 08:53
Don't be worried.
The site is back up. Don't be worried. - 22-04-’11 18:30
No but seriously (if that can be asked on an anus post) what is it with the "Lol Yay Brunhilde" ??
Is it the same brunhilde as the brunhilde88 on the Nazi.org forum ? diuck - 23-04-’11 07:24
unsecured anus
i left my anus unsecured and a big black man came inside. felt bad at first but now i feel joy and shame. unsecured anus - 23-04-’11 15:22
Hope I still have a soul.
I actually enjoy OPeth up until Blackwater Park. Hope I still have a soul. - 23-04-’11 17:43
Bleak is an amazing song. *Devious Movements in your eyes....* fuck yes!
Including Blackwater Park actually.... Bleak is an amazing song. *Devious Movements in your eyes....* fuck yes! - 23-04-’11 17:44
*devious movements in yo eyes!!*
It's like a prometal version of the second Amorphis album. *devious movements in yo eyes!!* - 23-04-’11 17:45
u r a fuckwit brunhilde know - 24-04-’11 00:49
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