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Retspih Redrum

06 04 11 - 20:01

These people need to be slaughtered so they can be reincarnated as Gojira's sex nutria:

The [transportation authority] sent Melissa Moorhouse a letter Feb. 14 seeking $650 for the "unanticipated clean-up costs" to rid the subway of any germs that Penelope, a Dumeril's boa, might have left behind....

"I'm in no position to pay for that . . . and if the T officials had given me any respect or listened to me in the first place, this wouldn't have happened," said Moorhouse, who lives on disability payments, and whose husband works in a warehouse. She said the transit authority did not take her seriously when she reported the missing snake, and that the non-venomous Penelope posed no threat to riders.

"It's far more likely that Penelope would have gotten sick from being on that train for a month than anything harmful coming from her onto that train," she said. - Boston Potato

Note the picture: blue hair, skinny, blank Eurasian face, tricked-out apartment, smarmy hipster boyfriend.

What should we do? Pitch her and her useless appendage into a wood chipper, and save the snake.

The space on earth can go to someone who's not a self-absorbed dipshit.

five comments

im gay
was this posted in a blind rage?

maybe you should listen to legion before you deicde to post


What exactly is so detestable about this person that would provoke an article calling for her demise?

she's unattractive, has poor fashion sense, and likes snakes. so what.

Maybe you're clairvoyant or something, but i just can't understand why this person needs to die. im gay - 06-04-’11 22:21
Well i'm just glad that snake didn't catch a cold from some ratty old irish bum.

they're highly common in public transportation, or so i have heard. iLoVeRepTiLez94835709485367 - 06-04-’11 22:27
hey if u wanna talk reptilez chat w/ me my aim is iLoVeRepTiLez94835709485367 ;) iLoVeRepTiLez94835709485367 - 06-04-’11 22:30
I think she looks hot! AngloAmerikan (Email ) - 22-04-’11 12:25
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Very descriptive post, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2? wow gold http://www.iystwowgold.com wow gold (URL) - 29-01-’13 00:11

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