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We threaten you for pointing out inconvenient truths

28 03 11 - 14:33

New Social Campaign uses Twitter Monitor to Change the Conversation about People with Developmental Disabilities

CHICAGO, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- "Retard." You've certainly heard it. Chances are you've even used it yourself. You're not alone. The word "retard" is used more than 24,000 times daily on Twitter. For the 200,000 people in Illinois living with developmental disabilities and their families, this is a matter that goes far beyond words.

That's why LifeMyWay has launched www.TheSocialChallenge.org, a public awareness and social media campaign that spurs Illinoisans to focus on creating a community of equality and inclusion for all.

The Social Challenge encourages people to take action by enabling them to engage Twitter users whose tweets contain the "R-word." The site is also a forum for people to share their personal stories and connect with one another via Facebook. Advocates for the The Social Challenge will get out into the community, asking Illinoisans to take the Challenge by vowing to help foster a society rooted in equality.

"The real disadvantage stems from the stereotypes and prejudices that society forces upon people with developmental disabilities," said Holly Roos, Canton mother of two children with Fragile X syndrome. "Every human being has strengths and weaknesses, and everyone has the right to be seen for who they are as a person rather than what they cannot do."

Jessica Martin is one young adult who shares her story. As a young woman balancing school, work, and an active social life, Jessica dares to ask people to give her the same respect she gives to them.

"I want to be seen as a human being, not as just another girl in a wheelchair," said Martin, who has Cerebral Palsy. "Get to know me – see what I have to offer. Know that my wheelchair helps me to do what I have to do in my daily life, but it doesn't define who I am as an individual."

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: "I will challenge myself and challenge others, joining LifeMyWay in creating a community rooted in equality."



If you use a word we dislike, we will harass you and possibly out you as a "hater." We will use the opinions of others to make you look bad. We will use our numbers to scare anyone who might like you. You will be ostracized.

For what, again?

You mean... for stating the obvious:

Retarded people are stupid.

Retarded (or "mentally challenged") means your brain didn't fully develop. You are not as smart as others. In fact, compared to them, you are stupid. This is why kids intuitively call things "retarded" once they've seen what retarded means. Retarded means really slow kids. They may be friendly, but they disgust us in the same way perversity does. It's pure evolution and common sense: to be retarded, or a pedophile, means to be out of the evolution game. To be broken. To fail at adapting to reality.

People will always mock the retards because retards are a symbol of what often happens in life: something goes wrong, and the result is terrible. Usually, we destroy terrible results and try again. With retards, we're afraid to since we fear that we are snuffing a life like our own, and so we mock life itself by keeping around an inferior version of it and forcing everyone to pretend and hide their disgust.

If we were an honest civilization, we'd call that behavior retarded and get on with life instead.


I felt really dissapointed that you pointed pedophiles.

:( NormalBear - 28-03-’11 14:58
Notice how they enforce equality :

"Every human being has strengths and weaknesses" therefore"

Since this rule is applied to everyone of us it means some sort of equality.

Then they focus on the "right to be seen" but try repress the right to see the situation a certain way. Typical political correctness here. TD - 28-03-’11 15:08
Retards are funny/gross and should be murdered.
When you see a retarded person, it's only natural to laugh, or feel disgusted. However, to do so in public would be the ultimate form of social suicide, hell it's probably even illegal (or will be)... Retards are funny/gross and should be murdered. - 28-03-’11 15:42
Bottle man
"Don't throw us away." Bottle man - 28-03-’11 15:43
Retarded people are stupid...

just look at insane clown posse and slipknot...YEP THEY SURE ARE RETARDS TO ME!!!! Adrian - 28-03-’11 15:55
Big fan!
Right on Adrian! Big fan! - 28-03-’11 16:06
Holly Roos

Nature didn't want you to reproduce! heh - 28-03-’11 17:35
Philmore Bibblewitz
wow after reading this i'm considering a twitter account for the express purpose of using the word 'retard' Philmore Bibblewitz - 28-03-’11 17:44
Watermelon Head
"The real disadvantage stems from the stereotypes and prejudices that society forces upon people with developmental disabilities," said Holly Roos.

Yep. It's sure doesn't stem from greatly inferior physical/mental ability. No Siree. If people just let me do whatever I want all the time and stop making fun of me, I'll be just fine. Watermelon Head - 28-03-’11 18:39
Great Watermelon.
"If people stopped laughing from my lack of legs I could walk" TD - 28-03-’11 19:28
Cold harsh reality.

Some Chinamen took the from me in Korea!

But I went out and achieved anyways!

I can not solve your problems sir, only you can. Cold harsh reality. - 28-03-’11 21:42
best quote ever
"Retarded people are stupid." best quote ever - 28-03-’11 21:42
Non-linear response to reality
Okay. The old man told me to take any rug in the house. Non-linear response to reality - 29-03-’11 03:00
Each year I treat myself to a trip to a different country in the world, and each year I renew the conclusion that three quarters of the Earth population must be put in gas chambers immediately or at least sterelised without any fear of loss whatsoever to humankind. I propose that be established a worldwide regulatory set of genetic health requirements to be allowed to reproduce. The crux of the problem is that the majority is unable to understand that it is not about hate or racism, it is about the long term survival of the very specie. TUETL - 29-03-’11 10:20
Non-linear response to reality, I'm stumped. Do you care to explain? Levy_Spearmen - 29-03-’11 10:51
lets troll socialchallenge.org.....fuck them we not equal breasttrollerpenistroller (URL) - 29-03-’11 13:51
comment allez you jaba_trollanus - 29-03-’11 13:53
Hey man, that's just like, your opinion. Relativist - 29-03-’11 13:58
RETARD UBER ALLES PROUDTARD (Email ) - 29-03-’11 16:09
fuk dat shit Mozart - 29-03-’11 20:27
Kids would intuitively call ANUS "retarded", and probably "gay", too.

Just sayin'. lovelypins - 31-03-’11 01:56
http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=2204646797&topic=4846 fuckanustocore - 31-03-’11 03:49
True Fan of the Anus
"The opposite sex"
Each time I say this I vomit inside my mouth a little. True Fan of the Anus - 31-03-’11 06:48
anus is best
Meaningless things, Surround Human Beings, Cloud up their Minds, Confine them to Binds, What do words mean? And what do thoughts say? When they take your whole life through monotonous Days? Dissimulate fear, Believe in a God, A reason to breathe and resume senseless Thoughts, Cling to Beliefs, For they're all that you got, Take off your vizard and cry when you're Caught, Beliefs are the things that you think that you know, Seeds in the fallow of a mind you can sow, Beliefs are the things with potential to grow, Go to the market and make yourself blow. Soak in ideas, continue to till, Beliefs spur a passion that's willing to kill. Disown your brother, because he is gay, Follow the rules that you have to obey. That fellows' religion, is Different from Mine! Ignorant fool, My God's more Divine! The trees stand tall, they think not at All, And when their time comes they surrender and fall, Pertinacious till' they, Succumb to a Pall, Humans are desperate and grasp at it all, Surrender your feelings, surrender beliefs, Surrender ideas of duality, Have a mind willing, For Eternal Release, Until this is done you will never be Free. .paty harden anus is best - 31-03-’11 09:01
Disability Dave
Wow, what a bunch of retards. Disability Dave - 01-04-’11 18:50
RE:True Fan of the Anus
"Opposite sex"? Don't you mean bitches and hos? RE:True Fan of the Anus - 02-04-’11 07:30
down syndrome kids look like asians
In a perfect world, retards would be euthanized at birth- preferably by bashing in their ugly faces with a boulder. Oh, how I miss the conventions of Ancient Greece..... down syndrome kids look like asians - 02-04-’11 21:22
Well now
Isn't this mature? The problem is that these people might be useful to society. Now, yes bieng not PC yes great but...you need to realize that they're great handicap people out there. I've pondered the eugenics question long and hard. Plus...I'd like to keep things in context. It is stating the stating the obivous, I agree.But why abuse people? Well now - 04-04-’11 13:43
even i have CP you dont see me whining. All I want is a job Hell - 04-04-’11 13:46
Rebecca Blackpeoplearesubhuman
We we we so not equal

KILL THE RETARDS Rebecca Blackpeoplearesubhuman (Email ) - 04-04-’11 18:50
While I'm not the biggest fan of this type of PC-constraitn on language, you have completely missed a lot of the point.

The point is not that low-IQ people (to use a VERY neutral term) have no deficiencies, but rather that that fact is not a reason or excuse for abuse, verbal or otherwise.

And no, no one is claiming that all their problems would go away if they were not abused, but it would help, and besides, it's the least we can do.

And how can you possibly say that low-IQ people "disgust" you "in the same way perversity does"? How can lack of ability be disgusting? And that you compare it to pedophilia is beyond belief.

As is the idea that they "fail to adapt to reality". Setting aside the fact that "adapt to reality" doesn't really mean anything, it's just completely false in any relevant sense. Low-IQ people are just as much a part of reality as anything else.

"Usually, we destroy terrible results and try again. With retards, we're afraid to since we fear that we are snuffing a life like our own,"

Well, you are. The argument is lost on you, of course, because you've already argued that you think it's ok to kill someone just because you don't like their rap lyrics. Dave (Email ) - 05-04-’11 13:24
"If we were an honest civilization, we'd call that behavior retarded and get on with life instead. "

Get on with life, except for the people we murdered, you mean? Dave (Email ) - 05-04-’11 13:25
Miss hairy legs
Yes dave, because cramming a small world with an ever growing population of mentally challenged and unintelligent people that will eventually over populate the earth and destroy everything on it because they are too selfish and stupid to realize the error of their ways is so much better than doing the basic evolutionary practice of survival of the fittest and letting the earth and human population flourish. Miss hairy legs - 06-04-’11 15:11
@mhl: Several problems with that.

First of all, but where did you hear that the population of mentally challenged people is growing? The low-IQ population has always been a minority in human populations, and I see no reason that should change in the future. Also, where'd you get the idea that all low-IQ peopel are selfish?

Second, your fear seems to be based on the idea that mental retardation is simply inherited. It's a lot more complicated than that. There's a genetic component in some forms, it's completely environmental in others, and in either case it's not simply that normal parents can have normal children while low-IQ parents can have low-IQ children.

That of course brings up a practical objection to your (implied) idea; you seem to want to systematically kill (as Hitler did) or at least sterilize all low-IQ people, over the objections of possibly normal-IQ parents! And even by your standards, those parents are NOT necessarily "ill-adapted to reality", and will fight any efforts of you to do what you want to do.

Fourth, you are deeply confused about how biological evolution works. There is no "basic evolutionary practice of survival of the fittest." "Survival of the fittest" is not a practice, it is not a principle to live by. It is simply a fact of how species evolve. It does not, so to speak, need any help.

There is no imperative, moral or otherwise, to help natural selection along by killing those that we deem less fit; indeed, that wouldn't be natural selection at all, but artificial selection. And there is no population, that I know of anyway, that has improved its species by systematically killing off a portion of it. Yes, Hitler thought that was a great idea, but he committed the same misunderstanding.

And finally, you are confused about morality. (And you may say you don't assume any morals at all, but you do, as is implicit in your use of the word "better".) It's not obvious that we have a moral imperative to let the human population flourish at all costs. It is equally valid to say that we have a moral imperative to respect certain rights of every single human being. Why do you think that one goal is more important than the other? Dave (Email ) - 06-04-’11 17:46
Save Us from Idiocracy
The Marching Morons future will not come to pass. Practically free genome sequencing is less than a decade away.

Stupid people will simply cease to be born much like those with Down's Syndrome are now (90%+ abortion rate). Save Us from Idiocracy - 10-04-’11 14:32
i think we should kill everyone who ISN'T retarded so there won't be any self-centered pretentious fuckers left to make more humans, only shuffling retard ape-men who find it easier to just dig a hole in the dirt and fuck it, thus NO MORE HUMANS. everyone wins. leo - 12-04-’11 12:28
too retarded to believe in anything? become a nihilist. leo - 12-04-’11 12:30
fuck u guys... holly (Email ) - 16-04-’11 11:46
http://www.slate.com/id/2291396/ ns (Email ) - 16-04-’11 20:54

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