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Leap into Life

22 02 11 - 21:46

From the oh-my-ungod-it's-so-stupid department:

A round-the-world boating adventure ended tragically Tuesday for four Americans, whom pirates fatally shot after capturing their yacht in the Indian Ocean last week, U.S. officials said.


He earlier had said the Adams were conscious of pirate threats and were concerned about boating in the area.

One aspect of their travels, according to the couple's website, was "friendship evangelism -- that is, finding homes for thousands of Bibles, which have been donated through grants and gifts, as we travel from place to place." They also said their mission was to "allow the power of the Word to transform lives."

But, Stolnitz said, vigorous evangelism wasn't a major emphasis for the couple. "They use the Bible as an ice-breaker," he said. - People's News Network

Here in unreality land -- a place shared by secular humanism, liberalism, progressivism and exoteric Christianity -- the Crowd gathers and decides it's better to be pacifistic and give in than to struggle. After all, what if one of us was a pirate (because we were down on our luck, of course, not because we were murderous parasites, oh no) -- we wouldn't want to be shot, so shoot no one. Give in.

Yet pirates are just murderous parasites, and so if things don't go according to plan, they freak out and kill people. Those people we hope were dreaming of their evangelism, the movies they made as film executives, their wealth, whatever. They are victims of the unreality in which we live, as are we all if we do not support immediate open-water hangings for all pirates (or all Somalis we can catch, if it doesn't stop).

eleven comments

I'm with stupid
hey man like what did somalis ever do to you? I'm with stupid - 23-02-’11 08:25
Dinaric Leather
Agreed 100% but if I was Somalian I'd probably be a pirate too, not that it would stop me from double tapping their ass if they captured someone I don't want captured or anything. Dinaric Leather - 23-02-’11 12:02
Okay... First, where does it say that they didn't struggle, or that that was the reason they were shot? I even read the whole article; nothing about that.

Second, what good will hanging "all Somalis we can catch" do? You think the pirates will stop because we're hanging innocent Somalis? You think they care? No.

Or you think they'll stop because of the off chance that we'll randomly kill one who happens to be a pirate? Also no. Because they'll know that they're just as likely to get killed if they're not a pirate as if they are, as long as they're Somali. Dave (Email ) - 23-02-’11 15:41
fuck the somalis!! kill them along with jews, chinese and modern day whites. sodomize everything in sight!! Redbeard - 23-02-’11 15:48
butt pirates anus - 23-02-’11 15:54
Adolf Hitler
Russians might be untermenschen but at least they know how to properly deal with pirates. http://tinyurl.com/6kffxhr

Funny how the most civilized nation (Europe) has civilized itself to certain doom with their "universal human rights" EU soldiers take the pirates prisoner but generally set them free again once they reach mainland. Surely there's no logic in that unless you find it justifiable that the poor Somalis are doing these things to the evil white man. Adolf Hitler - 24-02-’11 00:30
I read the article about this couple, and I was impressed with their sacrifice, bravery, and dedication to their cause.

You can mock their way of dying, but who knows how many people they affected along the way? Their overall effect may have been well worth their violent deaths--especially considering the ongoing ideological war between the west/Christianity and the east/Islam. Conversion will always be more valuable than annihilation.

It's people like this that fomented the decline of paganism in Europe. The feudal warrior chieftains of the Dark Ages recognized a more powerful god than their old gods, in part because they were impressed by the deeds of self-sacrificing martyrs like this couple. Randy - 24-02-’11 01:22
faggot SHUT UP DAVE! - 24-02-’11 17:42
The couple were not self-sacrificing. Their friend admitted that they used evangelism as an "ice breaker." If you think religion is an ice breaker, you clearly do not take it seriously. These people were murdered, which implies that they did not intend for it to happen. Thus, there was no sacrifice, surely not a selfless one. They just liked boating. The pirates should certainly be killed, but that doesn't mean you ahve to feel sorry for these people. Brian - 25-02-’11 19:51
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYvlHrPaugU Storebraa - 01-03-’11 15:49
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