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Not all is as it seems

18 02 11 - 05:54

Last summer physicists noticed that some of the particles created by their proton collisions appeared to be synchronizing their flight paths, like flocks of birds. The findings were so bizarre that “we’ve spent all the time since [then] convincing ourselves that what we were see ing was real,” says Guido Tonelli, a spokesperson for CMS, one of two general-purpose experiments at the LHC. - SciAm

They attribute it to a more varied internal structure, but it seems to me this is the wave/particle duality experiment. Waves are causes that exist in indeterminate form until colliding with another object, at which point their effects are material; protons may exist only in theory as a manifestation of the order of energy, not the energy itself but material remnants. Plato lives and always will.

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What exactly does this have to do with liberals Prozak_Kontinuul_Dicknigger - 18-02-’11 06:22
some guy
Liberals believe that protons grew up in a rough neighborhood and are only synchronized because of particle discrimination. some guy (Email ) - 18-02-’11 08:59
Miss hairy legs
Some guy, great job. Miss hairy legs (Email ) - 18-02-’11 10:28
some guy2
I'm just saying that black metal is antichristian because of it's denial of morality and equality.......... some guy2 - 18-02-’11 11:53
On record, Georgia Anne Muldrow can come across as the spiritual and emotional heir to Nina Simone-- immersed in music with a cracked soul and a full heart, ever adventurous and pushing herself in new and occasionally bizarre directions. But the reality is a little different. Muldrow documents every moment of her career relentlessly, releasing a string of albums that have bright moments, but mostly feel incomplete. Her latest album, VWETO, is entirely instrumental, which is unfortunate. Muldrow's prime appeal is the way she tackles even the most rudderless instrumentals with her silken rasp, briefly attempting to keep a track in lockstep before faltering into spaced out bliss. It's this loss of control that makes her someone worth paying attention to, and without it, VWETO is just a somewhat enjoyable but mostly forgettable listen. ffff - 18-02-’11 14:01
There are promising moments, though. The slap bass on "Strike" paired with an upper register balloon squeak is hypnotic in the most blunted way possible, while album opener "The No-No Chords" sits dead center in California smog, relying on texture and loose, squelching bass to propel it forward. Meanwhile, "fOnkRocker" rolls so smoothly over its own g-funk bounce that it's insane that she doesn't attempt to at least throw a chorus in there. VWETO might flow beautifully from beginning to end, but it also rambles. Outside of those highlights, much of the album feels like it exists just to fill space. Tracks like "fOnk Stroll" drag on a few minutes too long and sound like she's fidgeting around in the space between the obvious influence of J Dilla's Donuts-era song sketches and a more fleshed out, modern funk. ffff - 18-02-’11 14:01
VWETO might be just another step in what is sure to be a long and storied career for Muldrow, but it's not the one that will match audience expectations. When she finally gets it completely right-- and it seems ridiculous to assume she won't, based on the glimpses of brilliance she's shown in the past-- she'll elevate Nag Champa and Bead Curtain soul into something worth paying attention to again. ffff - 18-02-’11 14:01
speaking of particles behaving like waves, check out the double-slit experiment. http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/21st_century_science/lectures/lec13.html cephalomancer - 18-02-’11 21:10
Meow Mix
As an object-oriented-ontologist, I'm more inclined to side with Aristotle than Plato. For Plato, all objects are mere copies that are structured by form/essence. This means that objects are only structural manifestations defined by their relations (ie, an apple is red, hard, ripe, tastes good, etc) . But this leads to all sorts of problems, because if everything is merely defined by its relations and properties to other surrounding objects, then change is impossible, the universe would have to remain static and frozen. For Aristotle, who criticized Plato's notions of form, each substance/object is unique in its own right and is what it is regardless of whether anything interacted with or perceived it. Meow Mix - 26-02-’11 11:05

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