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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Link post: 01/29/11

30 01 11 - 06:50

Stuff that's made me wish I read it earlier:

seventeen comments

Your liberal/conservative binary is the stuff of grandma's email forwards. asdasd - 30-01-’11 17:16
You know why people don't take your primitivist proto-fascist shtick seriously? I'll give you a hint. More and more people are beginning to realize something about real fascists: *they don't act like fascists*. It's only guys with personal issues and no real extent into the political sphere who goosestep around telling women and marginalized minorities to know their place. opethrulesgravelandsucks - 31-01-’11 00:33
I agree, more people need to be fascists. Levy_Spearmen - 31-01-’11 08:35

"Fascists are losers"
"Lefitsts are socially superior"

Nice, now you can join your local leftist clique and bang a few chicks while drinking wine. TD - 31-01-’11 22:19
keep trollin' trollin' trollin' trollin' HUH limpbizkitrulesburzumsucks - 01-02-’11 12:48

as indicated above, leftist cliques are way more likely let you in after you totally score points by making wonderfully enlightening posts on terrible fascist websites. fight the power! faggot - 01-02-’11 22:51
Yo Dawg
All this site does is blame the omnipresent 'leftists' and 'liberals' whose definition always changes to suit the site's agenda. And anything the writer likes is automatically 'conservative'. Worse than wigger nationalists blaming J00z for everything... Yo Dawg - 03-02-’11 22:07
Exactly, considering this site says it's all about the collective, it's ideals are very subjective. "I (Vijay Prozak) am all knowing & everything I say is right. So do as I say little minions & one day you'll be in politics & you can fundamentally change the world the way Friedrich & I want it to be.

Fuckin' weird. mincedmeat - 04-02-’11 05:22
a Gojira fan
Please Anus guys stop vandalizing and trolling the guestbook on the Gojira website you´ve gon too far! STOP IT ALREADY OK? a Gojira fan (Email ) - 04-02-’11 08:08
"All this site does is blame the omnipresent ‘leftists’ and ‘liberals’ whose definition always changes to suit the site’s agenda. "

Right, partly because the site's agenda itself is constantly changing. It used to emphasize that it was both anti-liberal and anti-conservative, claiming that those were to aspects of the same flawed type of thinking. Now it seems to embrace conservatism, even of the neo-type to a large extent.

It used to emphasize collectivism and categorically reject individualism of any kind. It still mainly does, but it now claims half-alliance with groups like libertarians, who are as individualistic as you can get! Dave (Email ) - 04-02-’11 15:48
I don't know... I read the [url]http://www.anus.com/zine/articles]articles[/url] and I get a sense of direction for the philosophy being stated but, I am an unintelligent speaker, what do I know; you certainly won't find out. Death to the Jews, Dave. Levy_Spearmen - 04-02-’11 18:56
fuck, should have previewed
I read the|http://www.anus.com/zine/articles|and I get a... fuck, should have previewed - 04-02-’11 18:58
The articles are pretty consistent, yes. But there hasn't been a new one in like a year. Meanwhile, the bulletins are going in weird directions. Dave (Email ) - 04-02-’11 20:08
From the "gender roles" article:

“Women embraced feminism for the promise of empowerment, men embraced it for the promise of more sex.”

Well, first of all, men generally *didn’t* embrace it. Second, feminism is not just about freedom to have sex, as I’m sure you know. Third, to the extent that it does involve more sex, it’s only to the extent that women can have sex if they choose; if that means men get to have more sex too, then there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it’s something women are choosing.

“Through this example, we see how gender roles are not slavery, but a method of adapting to our environment”

Oh really. First of all, since when are those two things mutually exclusive? It could be both. After all, you could see normal slavery as an adaptation to one’s environment too, such as the environment of having too much cotton to plant.

Second, who’s adapting exactly? The women? Well, that adaptation obviously didn’t work that well for them, at least not when there was no choice involved. And what’s the environment? The situation such that men are unwilling to accept women into the workforce?

“Our conventional mythos that gender roles are a method of control makes little sense, since without them, we are better subjects for control by economic forces and government regulation.”

Non sequitur. Even if the last clause is true, it doesn’t follow that gender roles are *not* a method of control.

“Could it be that our controllers found an easy way to lure us into something labeled “freedom” that was in fact a form of slavery?”

So Susan B. Anthony was one of “our controllers”?

“However, it doubles the work force, thus halving what any one person can expect in actual value (purchasing power, regardless of dollar amounts).”


“…the proles just don’t understand what the exceptional are thinking…”

If they’re that exceptional, perhaps they can explain it better. Dave (Email ) - 14-02-’11 14:00
"The brain cells of fish exposed to antidepressants were less active than normal cells"

Uh, yeah, and what exactly is that supposed to show. The drugs were not designed for normally functioning fish. They were designed for pathological humans. It's effect on the former can't be instantly generalized to the latter. Dave (Email ) - 17-02-’11 15:38
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