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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

False subset

24 06 10 - 11:55

I've spotted this in the wild -- it's a hybrid of the False Dilemma and Appeal to Authority fallacies:

Person 1: Our belief in consumerism is what has doomed us as a society.

Person 2: When did the Consumerist Party ever do such a thing?


Person 1: Our belief in consumerism has doomed us to endless repetition.

Person 2: The international Consumerism Association specifically says we shouldn't be endlessly repetitive.

In both cases the person arguing against the point is trying to confuse the cause (an idea) with one of its effects (a formalized authority wielding its name and claiming to speak for it).

Fits right in with Nietzsche's crusade against "knowing": we live in a society of idiots who think they "know" things because somewhere on an official looking paper, or in an official-looking office, someone took some subset of the idea and declared it Official.

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