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Triumph of the parasite

05 01 11 - 06:52

Prozak's theorem of distributedness: nature expands in all directions simultaneously.

If a predator wants prey, but doesn't want to be a predator, what do they become? A parasite. A passive-aggressive form of predator. It doesn't attack you; it lies in wait. It looks for your weakness, inches up toward it, and then attaches. But it never attacked.

The Armillaria ostoyae, popularly known as the honey mushroom, started from a single spore too small to see without a microscope. It has been spreading its black shoestring filaments, called rhizomorphs, through the forest for an estimated 2,400 years, killing trees as it grows. It now covers 2,200 acres (880 hectares) of the Malheur National Forest, in eastern Oregon.

The outline of the giant fungus stretches 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometres) across, and it extends an average of three feet (one metre) into the ground. It covers an area as big as 1,665 football fields. - The Independent

What if you became a parasite, but didn't want to be one?

Such is the plight of immigrants who are not from similar enough societies to immediately integrate into a population. The majority becomes the granter of favors, because nothing functions seamlessly as it did at home: finding housing, a job, even shopping, can be a mystery. So the new population arrives first as supplicants.

In any sane society they are immediately converted to labor, so that they have a place and can begin integrating. However, if the two societies are dissimilar enough, the integration doesn't happen, making this experience a lie. Values, abilities and tendencies clash. As a result, the minority gets tired of being the supplicant who gets paid a decent salary but one lower than the average among the majority, and they get tired of the "summer home" effect. Their house never feels like home. It's like a very, very extended vacation in a new strange world.

Greece has announced plans to build a 12km (eight-mile) fence along part of its border with Turkey to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing.

The area has become the main route into Greece for migrants from Africa and Asia with an average of 245 people crossing illegally every day in October 2010, according to Frontex, the EU's border agency.

In a statement, Mr Papoutsis said Greece could "no longer tolerate this".

"Greek society has exceeded its limit in its capacity to accommodate illegal immigrants," he said.

"This is the hard reality and we have an obligation to the Greek citizen to deal with it." - BBC

In the immigration drama, in which rich Western countries (remember those Western civilization textbooks?) admit third-world people who come seeking better salaries. Normally, the politically correct thing to say is that they come "seeking a better life." However, that's happy horseshit. They come seeking the cash and figure the rest will fall into line.

Unknown to both majority and minority, the situation is entirely unworkable. The minority will never fully be accepted, in part because they're in a menial labor role but in part because they're not of the majority, in language, customs, values, abilities, culture or heritage. The majority will always be resented by the minority, because the majority is the giver of things and the exploiter of labor. This means that anything given to the minority represents a control relationship, and the minority resents it.

Modern Western civilization (MWC) is in denial of this slaves-n-masters relationship because we find it socially and aesthetically appalling. "Us? Use people as wage slaves? Never!!!" they demand. But reality is what it is, and if you're enjoying having someone mow your lawn for $20, there's certainly a reason the labor is so cheap. Many economists seem to think this is OK, but the problem it creates is similar to socialism: the cheaper and easier you make labor, the less competitive your society becomes. If you subsidize everyone, soon no one excels. If you make everything cheap, it all gets reduced to the lowest common denominator and soon you're not making anything of note -- you're doing fancy stuff on a desk, and passing the raw labor to people who resent you.

When the majority strikes back, the minority does what all humans do when they are attacked: counterattack, and since they're in a recipient position, they attack the gift-givers on the premise that the gift was unfairly portioned.

The law bans classes that promote the overthrow of the United States government and resentment toward a race or class of people. Also outlawed are courses designed primarily for students of a particular ethnic group and those that advocate ethnic solidarity rather than treat students as individuals.

Professor Rodriguez says it’s not the first time such programs have been singled out, but now “it’s being acted upon.” He views the state’s ethnic studies and immigration laws as attacks on all Hispanics and as reasons why some people might refer to Arizona as “the new south.” - CSM

Welcome to playing by the same rules that the majority white people have been playing by for decades, Professor Rodriguez. Do you think it's unfair? I agree, it is. But it's not the problem, it's the symptom. The real problem is that the majority-minority relationship forces one group into a role as parasite, and the other as oblivious victim, sewing the seeds for future discontent.

What happens when a forest wakes up to find that a mushroom colony has spread like a cancer among it, killing off trees by the thousand? Probably nothing. If those trees could walk, talk and shoot? That might be a much bigger mess indeed.


About the final line: How many immigrants have you shot? My guess is under 1. erty - 05-01-’11 14:01
It's true that multiculturalism doesnt work, but that doesnt mean its all bad, look at all the good interracial relationships out there...

Quit being racist please... Adrian - 05-01-’11 15:04
And multiculturalism would work if people would be more open minded...something this site lacks most definitley... Adrian - 05-01-’11 15:05
To the highest degree of definitely, indeed. Levy_Spearmen - 05-01-’11 16:07
We should be more tolerant of dysfunction and call it our strength. Fungus - 05-01-’11 17:32
@erty - you failed to grasp the metaphor and instead opted for a personal attack on the writers alledged unwillingness to act.

so I suppose it would be ok if he shot some immigrants? analogue - 05-01-’11 18:50
@ adrian - you accuse anyone opposing multiculturalism of being morally wrong by labeling them racist/intolerant/close-minded etc and in doing so refuse to acknowledge the complexities of the problem.

quite simplifying everything to a good vs evil duality if you want to have a halfway credible opinion... analogue - 05-01-’11 19:03
We have to deal with the world that exists and the people, more or less as they always have been within it on its terms.

If people would be more open minded? How and when is this alternate Disney Movie reality supposed to take place? scourge (URL) - 05-01-’11 20:50
Cold Breath of Real Life
Why the hell would you shoot immigrants? Just stop the laws the favor diversity/multikulti. That's how civilized people behave when they need to change policy. Shooting immigrants is pointless and unjust. Cold Breath of Real Life (Email ) (URL) - 05-01-’11 21:15
None of you get the real point.

JEWS GentlemanOftheMorningAsses (Email ) - 05-01-’11 21:52
Adrinigger McHilde

tl;dr, Nazi!

LOL! GO DETROIT! Adrinigger McHilde - 05-01-’11 22:06
"Normally, the politically correct thing to say is that they come "seeking a better life." However, that's happy horseshit. They come seeking the cash and figure the rest will fall into line."

What the hell are you talking about? Are you saying that it's false to suppose that these people are seeking a better life? They're seeking more cash precisely because they think it will allow them to live a better life, otherwise they wouldn't seek a higher wage than what they earn in their native country. Of course, they might value cash for its own sake, but then these swarthy immigrants would be quite different from any human being I've ever encountered. It's not "happy horseshit" to claim that immigrants are seeking a better life, nor does that claim imply that they're not seeking a higher wage. What a bizarre way for you to try to split hairs.

"the cheaper and easier you make labor, the less competitive your society becomes. If you subsidize everyone, soon no one excels."

Are you trying to make some connection between the price of labor and subsidization? How in the world is it the case that everyone gets subsidized just because some people come over and bid down the price of labor for certain lines of work? You say the weirdest stuff sometimes. Christopher (Email ) (URL) - 06-01-’11 01:23
Yeah, I always think people disagreeing with me is weird too. Don't they get that I'm always right? T.G. - 06-01-’11 03:59
How about you address the issue? Explain to me in what way "everybody" is being subsidized, who's doing the subsidizing, and what in holy hell that has to do with the price of immigrant labor. Christopher (Email ) - 06-01-’11 07:50
I think it's quite clear that when a country takes immigrants, either the immigrants work for nothing, a wonderfully old word called "slave," or the country hands over some of its wealth to them which means that the citizens lose out. Of course, that is Communism. Can you see a graph with x-variance being subsidization and y-variance being the countries population which includes immigrants? As the population increases, so must subsidization or we go bankrupt. I say just kill 'em all. Levy_Spearmen - 06-01-’11 10:56
Something you "open-minded" multiculturalists should ask yourself is this: Can the U.S. accomodate its own citizens AND a sea of immigrants from down below? If yes, then there is no problem. However, in the absence of a definite yes, the best thing to do is be active rather than reactive. We should not wait until the problem gets worse. You do realize that the clothes you buy and the food you eat most often comes from those people right? What happens when you allow them to immigrate like crazy and demand higher wages/free green cards? Your products will get much more expensive, and your way of living (consumerism overdriven) will change. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but is it not best for the U.S. to take care of itself without labor -- whether overseas or Hispanic? Spectrum - 06-01-’11 11:35
*without cheap labor Spectrum - 06-01-’11 11:37
"I think it’s quite clear that when a country takes immigrants, either the immigrants work for nothing, a wonderfully old word called “slave,”"

Do you mean, literally, $0.00? I find that hard to believe. Did you mean 'very little' instead? Ok, but none of this in itself amounts to slavery. Merely working for "nothing" does not make one a slave. One has to be *compelled* by force to do so in order to be a slave. Otherwise one is merely a volunteer or a person who doesn't make very much money.

"or the country hands over some of its wealth to them which means that the citizens lose out."

What do you mean by 'hands over'? Are you referring to welfare transfers or are you referring to the fact that these people work and get paid for it. I suspect it's the latter since you contrast it with working for nothing. Well, paying somebody for doing work is not "handing over" wealth, nor does it amount to subsidizing them. Christopher (Email ) - 06-01-’11 22:21
Adrian wrote:

And multiculturalism would work if people would be more blissfully unaware and self-defeating…something this site lacks most definitley…

There, fixed. Kapnobatai (Email ) - 07-01-’11 13:39
Christopher's Mom
Yeah, Brett Stevens, stop splitting hairs. Christopher's Mom - 08-01-’11 12:31
Funny how the detractors fail. Cargast - 11-01-’11 01:46
I am a non-white third worlder from Brasil and even I think that america should not accept immigrants of any kind (altought of course I'm strongly against treating the immigrants that are there already in a bad way or expelling them out of nowhere without time to plan anything). Quit being pussies! Why should you want immigrants? BRASILANUS (Email ) (URL) - 19-01-’11 08:20
Oh, shush now! Diversity is our strength! Millions of motherfuckers with vastly different goals and directions with no one purpose or unity surely can only have a positive effect on a civilization! Hey, don't you go quoting history to me, young man. Now go sit in the corner and stop being a little terrorist. Norse - 02-02-’11 17:56
"Why should you want immigrants?"

Well, there's all sorts of reasons you might. Some immigrants have particular skills needed in particular fields, etc.

But the more important point is that that's the wrong question. The question is "is there justification for preventing immigrants?". The burden of justification is always on those who want to forcibly prevent behavior, not on those who want to permit it.

And only slightly less importantly, "is it practically implementable to prevent immigration?" If not, than trying to prevent it will cause more harm than good even if the goals are desirable.

"Millions of motherfuckers with vastly different goals and directions with no one purpose or unity surely can only have a positive effect on a civilization!"

This depends on what your criterion is for "positive effect on a civilization". To me, a civilization is not the same as a business; it doesn't have a very specific purpose or goal. Its purpose is simply to facilitate just and safe interactions among its people, and to ensure as well as it can that the goals of its people aren't unjustly impeded.

Viewed that way, differences among goals and directions may be a problem if those people impede each others' goals; the role of the government is then to help prevent imposition of people on other people. However, for the government to try to engineer the country to only have people with one type of goal would be a gross miscarriage of its purpose; it would be imposing on the goals of a large number of its people. Dave (Email ) - 04-02-’11 15:44
Rhetoric. Always more rhetoric. Levy_Spearmen - 05-02-’11 18:21
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